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Is This Still the Best Build in the Game? - Chess Rush

What’s this mix?A rook, bishop, pawn ending well known to every Russian Schoolboy.Selfie with this position.I'm wondering how to make new pieces like these?A Dmino's Pizza?S perpetual check possible?How in this world can you be as good as this?And is it a strong connection for you?

His plays would dominate

His plays would dominate

Too thick to work out the actual electronics and components inside, let alone the development history.I really enjoyed this video.Perfectly explained in easy manner.Happy New Year, Mato!Ummm they are solid pieces not material.He looks like he won't be getting drafted at ww3.At about 4 minutes you showed a pawn capturing an empty square and I don't get it?It can be addictive.The quote on the top is really relatable to meIn my school i always win in the tournaments in chess including the one where all the nearby school will play against each other.I'm an absolute beginner and this was so much help!

Definitely a master of your craft sir.

Definitely a master of your craft sir.

Lunox: "what is tank?What program do you use to design your products?And is great to be seeing more of you in your videos :).When it's little league you get a coke.Definetely something different in these pages.I still have one of these great 5 tube radios in my garage.This is the most beautiful chess board I've ever seen.

Ivan Saric needs to work

Ivan Saric needs to work

Me when James comes out: O-OMy heart:.Did you waste a perfect condition Macintosh llci for a skit?I don’t make sense do I :(.Came here just to read the comments!Hi Neil, the scrapwood challenges are really fun to watch, thank you.She meant colloidal silver, a slower acting antibiotic that you used it need a prescription for before penicillin.I am Extremely disappointed.I always get the card 1 position ahead, i don't know what i'm doing wrong.


Flip this show loves drama talking about old beefs smh

Jan N

Why didn’t white promote the pawn to a queen at 5:36?


oh man i miss working with aluminum... <3


I bet you can't do this with a bishop.



Rachel Scoggins

now why they put the alcoholic and the sober one at the same bar

Andy Belcher

I have had this game for about 25 years. As you say, it is exciting to play, and I used to play it a lot. As with most early games it is a tactics and leadership teaching tool. I can imagine that the reason for the increasing popularity of chess was the change in the way that wars were fought with armies made up of different elements increasingly facing each other. I suppose that it might be fair to say that the the early small 'battles' with a definitive outcome turned into wider scale political wars and that is what is reflected in the popularity of each game. Just a thought.


Rob, I would pay you to read me bedtime stories.


why can he add those numers at 5:02 ?


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