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Shouldn't k be used for knight.It's not checkmate yet.Should I have made it the latter way?

Nxe7 would have kept the long diagonal open.This was super helpful!Can you use the machine directly sending filament from the machines to extruder.Viel Arbeit gutes Ergebnis.Excelente trabajo.I'm working for a company that uses HP 3D printers.How about this, DropsCamera?

2:05 i think thats more of a rpi project, good vid thoug.Too bad the hanging light is upside down and backwards with its original grain lol.You can call everything a trap that takes you to a better or winning position.Such an awesome project, and well executed off course!Now I often think of doing that but I feel like it's a fairly superficial attack - just sending your pawns up there - and often I can get crushed against higher rated players like that (by creating weaknesses elsewhere for the opponent to exploit).Should be like golf.Chess game also bases on respect for opponent.

I'm missing something.Steve's just so clever.Our channel is about small and big trips, beautiful places and visits so don't hesitate to take a look if you're interested!Who would ever think of describing an hand-cranked grinder as gorgeous, but that's what this is.Truth: it hurts.I like to favour the London and my friend who is much higher rated often plays the pirc.But we have them elsewhere in the World.Great video Titan.His mom was hot.24:40 Is someone saying "ALLAHU AKBAR" here?

I know it is not going to be a cake walk, but you put me in the direction I have been waiting for.Use a maskrespirator when sanding fiberglass, save your lungs.8:48 queen a8 was best i found it as soon as firoijza played king h7 in the live game.But to each their own.Thanks for this video.Converting a advantage to a win is not always easy.

Once I get the opposing king to the edge of the board and my king to the c3c6f3f6 square, everything else happens on autopilot.Having watched this it gives me good ideas, though trying to cutfine threads, and especially smaller ones still seems a drama.Received my board and it's really nice!If I use cake mould.Dy chi c ngu nh ch.And takes credit for a community he did not pioneer.It’s time to grow up.

Thought I couldn't read the thumbnail.

Thought I couldn't read the thumbnail.

Unfortunately they are completely sold out of black medium thick.Is it bad I recognized the binary immediately?Very creative with a lot of common sense applied.What a IDE use it to build this amazimg game.One of the best chess players and champions in history interviewed by one of the cutest and most charming interviewers in history!Where is the walnut.

Lib Zombies

Me: MUM! Were did all my pencils go!?The pencil factory: WERE R THE PENCILS!!!!!???

Bobi Davidkov

26:43 Ne2 stops bens mate because if he plays Qh1 then you play Ng2. Unfortunately you count stop both mates

Joshua Barnes


H GlendaleJr

"2 minutes! At least it wasn't 45 seconds" not the first time hearing this

Ssrajui 007

Please explain our INDIAN TIME THEORY also

That High Guy

1:22 Magnus could of played knight C7 and checked him and then take the rook


I lived in this era of Fisher/Spassky and then Kasparov/Karpov I followed some these games closely. What beautiful chess. Now there is the occasional great game but players now play like machines. Mostly draws. Nowadays you can win tournaments by just winning three game out of 11. Boring.


Scientist Kara and Unicorn are drinking Disoronno lol Nice.


floriszaire145 it actually might be star warz but i dont remember much from star warz...not a big fan...

Robert Kreutzer

re: Castling - one additional thing: you can't castle THROUGH check.If any piece can attack a square the king or rook are moving through, the player cannot castle.

Noyel George

Sai chettan super

K.Mahalakshmi Kannan

So much of editing while watching vedio seriously distrbs d concentration... otherwise gud ...


I see a lot of expert commenters here...your saw this, your technique that, your glue bla bla bla.I've met guys like this in real life.They're the ones that always have something to say but never have something they've made! Here's what I saw: an excellent looking final piece, a guy who has all 10 fingers and his shop is organized and clean.The haters, well they've got their comments...oooh how exciting for them

Anu Graha

Beautyful mind

Azathoth Hastur

17:13 find someone you like better to work with other words FUCK OFF COMMY.........go build your own free os!!! FUCK OFF


6:33 the 50 move rule is not about 2 kings left on the board. Since at that point it would already be stalemate.

bala dasarathan

wow awesome

V Plants

Ooh..wee...I put on 5 pds and acne broke out on my face but that cake looks fantastic. I will try to make this cake for sure. Thk you.

Andrew H

The second feet look far better!

J. C.

Great job. The sea surface is incredible. Maybe to avoid seeing the canes that hold the ship and the mines you could create two parts. the first half of the submarine and support it on it and then the second covering everything ...

Alex Hart

At about 10:40 I don't understand why he would attack the g5 pawn with the rook first and then the knight. Wouldn't it have made more sense to take first with the knight and end up keeping the rook there?I'm just not smart enough to see the reason I guess.


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