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Jay Fakes Having A Heart Attack | Season 1 Ep. 3 | OUTMATCHED

Google Barnacle Boy and then Scuba Steve.Co thi dang tiep nhap.From where did you downloaded it?And the father disciplines the daughter.:) keep em coming.

Accepted the reality and traded the queen and managed to draw.Been watching your videos for weeks.Grandmaster Finegold (showing the proper respect) - please could you recommend one or two of your favourite chess books for an intermediate player with very suspicious openings?I might, after a very long time, get the lattice puzzles apart.Slow down your speech.

It would be queen and bishop against queen

It would be queen and bishop against queen

It looks so useful.InstagramTwitter.Due to this banter blitz I have started liking him actually.Fucking awesome!I have a question, Did you build from start the chess app or you did something else ?

Falling asleep don't want some loser screaming about dollar razors to wake me up lol.It may take a good while for me o get to it but i love this concept and plan to implement it in my home.I still listen to my young mc albums.The terms are fork and battery, in this instance combined."I think it looks pretty good!

UNO or Monopoly

UNO or Monopoly

With the candles you can stick a tac in the bottom of the candle then two or more tacs on the board just far enough to slip the candle tack in perpendicular.Real life No need aproch and experiment just lick the top of battery with the tip of our tung if it's a charged one there we can feel little shock simple.I solved the Matchbox problem when my psychology teacher just verbally presented that problem during the class of topic problem solving.The fact that it turns only clockwise is bothering me!I miss my Nokia 3650.

This is a very excellent

This is a very excellent

Alpha zero wouldnt weaken that many squares without compensation.20:20 ali- let's go check it upstairs20:21 moe- no let's end this.Thumbs up satellite.Una cosa para una persona.You need to have somebody 3D print the other knob for that radio.At 4:17 why didn’t you put your horse to C4 instead of your queen?I don't know about humans, but trees, thanks to you, have an afterlife.I love the tiger maple edge best, but would buy either if one was for sale.

So young musicians!

So young musicians!

True good works, comes from faith in Jesus and the leading of the Holy Spirit.I don't have any pants on.Whites would have lost it:).That made my day at the end.Nasa: its a lot of money to go to the moonme: starts folding the dollars to make it cheaperSTONKS.If it's true that Vishy was considering the defensive capabilities of Bishop F1 at the end, why would he play the much more inferior move, Knight F1?

I listen to this when I am drawing

I listen to this when I am drawing

As many as can be played?Like n Love from India !That's what you call hand madeI don't see how he could sell it after all that work.What blade do you use on your table saw?Absolute amazing !Without Shannon I would t watch the show skip almost makes this show unwatchable.It will take millions of years.I feel like it wouldn’t.Just a man and his will to survive in the match So, I expect more tiger bites against Carlsen.

BJ Williams

Go Jazz!!

fang meng

the best opening is the halosar trap

The Business

Has Ben taken on Adagamgar yet..

Stefan rice

Harry potter chest???

Heavyboxes DIY Master

Tell me again which pawns are the fastest pawns?


I'm sorry, literally what the fuck happens from0:38-0:39 the rook jumps a place ??


Hey guys, I don't really know what to say. I just been feeling down lately, but I usually mask it with a laugh and a smile. I never thought of it as depression so I guess I got that going for me. But recently I've been feeling disconnected with the world and kinda on my own pace. I don't really talk to my parents anymore nor do I talk to my family. Everything seems kinda numb and dull, maybe I've hit that age where I have to realize about growing up. Everything seems so different now. You know that feeling you used to get when you turn on your PlayStation or Xbox for the first time, the feeling of peace, joy and happiness of innocence. Now whenever I do something remotely similar it doesn't feel right, not really excited as much. But with the bad comes the good, I have a beautiful girlfriend, my family is letting me take my life into my own hands, I got a decent job and my college life is going pretty decent. Yet there's still this looking back I always felt, as if I am looking back at 12 year old and 8 year old me and telling them "hey there guys, how are you doing over there?" Sometimes I just wanna go for a walk with younger me and ask him about his dreams, his passions, his friends his family (my parents are divorced too, I never had that childhood experience besides taking care of my brothers, the last time I saw my father and mother smile was when I was 10) but most importantly, who he is and if he is proud of who I have become and just soak in the nostalgia of innocence. I also felt like with the expectations of life quickly approaching me, I don't really have time to appreciate the things that I love the most. My passion, my family, my cousins, my video games etc. All of it seems like its in the past now and that 12 year old me would've been happy to see 20 year old me have all the things he wished he had back then. But yeah, that and just looking at the people i grew up with, watching them change before my eyes and move on with their happier early 20's.Overall, this decade is where the most changes will happen to people in their 20's and I'm just having a hard time letting go of my youth I guess. I hope I am making sense, sorry for bothering you all <3

Nate Warner

Turned out great!

Antoni Kurek


revan cleo saputra

Skakmat pakek.pion.mantap

Christian Saenz Ferrero

primer minuto y este tio ya me esta cayendo genial

Ravi shet

It's pretty good I loved it awesome job I have some question for you

el O'Connell


Eilbert Torres

Can you make 100 kupa?

jose mathews



Brunswick phonographs could play Edison (and Pathe) records.Also, I guess you have not seen the patent notices on Victor products. Victor had the same restrictive use language on discs and Victrolas. Victor and Edison stopped putting these notices on records in the 'teens, though Victor continued putting patent license notices on Victrolas into the 1920's. Here is an example of a Victor patent license label from a 1912 Victrola IX:

Kevin Bissinger

Aww so cute, you're so much younger


3:50 "that is a backward pawn"what is a backward pawn?why is it bad?

Jennifer Knee

Thank you! Finally! I’ve been trying to figure out where this whole Tom thing started. It’s funny hearing Ali say Ghosts are nice people I don’t think he’s saying that today.


not vegetarian OR vegan food xDD maybe the salad but not the chicken I am vegan myself

Harshit chauhan

Did someone else notice something 0:38 .... Rxf7 even though there is a pawn on e7..... How!!!


tell me he didn't just say bitch Brittany is better thank katy perry.

mohammad amin sarabi

I still cant understand the reason behind this beautiful move.By the way, botvinik anti engine move against the greatest capablanca i think still the greatest move in chess history.

Mikeal Gilliam

He lost 1200 rupees because he lost -200 for bag-1000 for money he gave to the lady and back to the other shopkeeper

Flxral Adore

Number 3 could have been seven because 11 is 2 12 is three 23 is five and 35 is 8 and the thumbnail says it's not 7

the toiletries you steal from the hotel

Watch out for Russian players, they will bite you like it's 1945

Rain Fall

The best wtf moments


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