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That would be awesome.Hikaru has a Magnus poster on his bedroom wall.Ive seen other restorations with similar yellowing on plastics and they use a Hydrogen Peroxidewater mix and UV light.Very much enjoyed the video.Ben Feingold at his funniest.

I dont speak english "argentino donkey".

I dont speak english "argentino donkey".

Y’all need to nip this in the bud now because it’s affecting the quality of the content.But if you use the corrected equation I show in this response, you get the correct result of 2.Good lecture anyway.Is this radio or isn't it video?"Nice work son".

Jesus my head hurts haha.What kind of prize would Vat19 send?Search YT "ambassador dark blue edition ".Older houses had the furnace under the sub-floor so that was the grill covering the floor heater.Thank you, love the games from when Tal dominated still, this Fischer game showed what was coming in ten years time, when he would really dominate.Borg-Warner trophy for the Indy 500 is better.A pound was exactly $4.I don't like people I hate being in a crowd.Thanks, comment section.

Hope you're ok buddy.Just not sure about stayingcurvy.Nice grindingshapener apparatus, how long did that take to build if its not a ride question?I'm new to chess, and anytime I see moves like this that better players than me don't make I can't help but feel like I'm not seeing a counter play.On the second puzzle you can simply capture the loop with loop.Five minutes in had to turn off stupid music was to much.And why u haven't died yet oh and the mark around your neck in the doll video was already there n u can see u double flipped the switch this is why Omar vids are better cos they more realistic ur cool and all but you should probably let ppl know its fictional before acting like anyone in their right mind would continue to film in their own home knowing the things that have apparently happenrd.One problem Anand's opponents have is they don't have enough time time think.I mean I know it's a classical style of game, no cheating or whatever.:) wish there was macro shot of them.

k gulati

Cream cheese kya h.plz btao

Osmar Mora

Can you win with a king vs a king and a rook

Wei Stedy

CLB anh bao nhiu tin thanh ph nao a


URLTV Announces "Born Legacy 7" Is An App-Only Event

Toxic Gamer

My classmate has big brain no work



starvin marvin

This is a symbolic game of how society actually works. The checkerboard pattern is the symbol of duality. There has been and will always be the groups behind the scenes moving the pieces. All of our so called leaders in government that they parade around are just actors and pawns in the game like the rest of us.


3:36"So, here, Juan Corzo, instead of Ke4, goes Kg4, already looking for adventure."It's these smooth and folksy descriptions of games that are why agadmator's channel just took off and is so much better than any other chess channel on YouTube or anywhere else!


Hikaru is looking very strong.

Giandira Gumelar Maulana

AI makes you other case


Sur R, x2x1 > 0


GREAT documentary!!!! No stupid re-enactment, just plain good interviews with witnesses / involved people, very well narrated. Also a story i never heard of, and i'm basically throughall of the psychos we had the last decades. Thx a lot and i hope you guys will make some more of these outstanding documentaries!

Ricki Gamer



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