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Josh Jackson Plays Chess with the Old Guy on Our Block: Sitdowns

I like how the camera person went towards Linus when he called them over.They look very useful for something like this.Just as good as the turning was the editing.Please make more of this (with blitz chess?

The match could be over at 29:25.Sir Agadmator i have a question, in 9:12 instead of rook, why not takes it with bishop in g7 to attack both rook and knight and threating mate in one or open check if taking the knight?There are two more color options for the large 21" set.Looks like a pretty nifty way to waste an awful lot of high grade titanium!You should trade old broken laptops.

Who can continue?They all did really well on the fruit still life.Greater good, not lesser evil.But it could get very confusing.I've recommended this channel in a couple of newspaper comment threads about the Championship.I start learning JS in depth from React - what a weird learning curve lol :D.

Nakamura always seeing the

Nakamura always seeing the

Start your day Michael from Vsause!5:22 I found Wooloo :D.Could that have led to anyplace better for black?4 and 64 also work.There is no link.My best regards.Id rather hang out in the mountains because i will be alone and because i have never been on a mountain.Dude Ilove thattrippy music.

It would be incredible

It would be incredible

Can I use lemon juice instead of vinegar Pls reply.Just a little people in the world can do this like morphy in 1850.This doesn't look like the romantic style of chess to me.Sir I like your explanation mathod because of I can understand easily Chess traps and tricks so now I can easily read opponent mind in Chess.Absolutely amazing videos.Like a masterpiece.

Ymx Wse

Wow I like it


Of course the best chess players in the US are originally asian


I recently started to watch some Linus videos and I was surprised to see he is a twat andunnecessary rude, and I will say why.So people can understand, being upfront/direct is very good, but unnecessary insultingand putting down people is a bad thing, and only a moron does that, and Linus did that on moreoccasions.And is not about being soy-boy like some asskissing fans say here, it's about self-respect and not accepting a person to talk so rude to you like saying "you should be retroactively aborted", Linus is truly a disgusting person with unnecessary insults like this.Also professional achievements are not an excuse to personal bad behaviour.

Santhosh K.t




Do you know this version that is more tricky? Kf1,Pg3/Kd8.1.Kf2?,Ke7 2.Kf3,Kf7!


38:40 just block with knight and push

Mirai Yuki

I swear you are like literally the coolest human being on earth :D


great project, but never ever embed lights... once the light dies your whole "art piece" is useless and especially led lights sometimes come with defects and may die quite fast...

2 Stroke, Running and repair

damn, i expected better from the kincrome

Impossible Move


Instructions unclear build nuclear device..

consciousnick -

Endless dihedral semetry.duality is everywhere

I don't even know.


giorgos vlachos

very amusing! very addictive! i can't yet decide which side is better!


7:26 -- The move 24. cb5 -- very Karpovian!

Richard Grove

I am so impressed with your miter gauge assembly. Is that purpose-built or purchased?

Timothy Ludolph

great job

J Negatory

Sherwin with the blunder FTL

Jason Q

"Hello everyone!"


Whenever I see Karpov, I always think of Spassky making fun of his voice.


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