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Judd Trump v Kyren Wilson | Final Frame 2020 World Grand Prix

Qbf6 black plays g7Qf6 then,ne7 its a knight fork.I didn't know a monkey can turn into dragon.The underlying message that Zach has a huge dick is fucking hilarious.

Oh yeah, that

Oh yeah, that

You are so so so so so socreative.The way you are saying there will be no support for bishops.I don't know how these chess engines are programmed or taught or whatever, but I would think that, in cases like that, we would want to simply add in the correct move, given that particular position.I love watching you play it.I won't be making that mistake again.

Thanks for the great plans!Anh choi co vua gioi khong anh.18:00 what about cxd4 and after Bxd4 play Bxg6 threatening mate and after he takes play nc3 and the knight is defended by the queen.I wont all end mill peramitters can you send me sir like 1 to 12?He has a really punchable face.Terima kasih banyak bang ilmunya.A full swipe should be done from handle to tip each pass for best sharpening results.0:43 c6 bang kudanya.Can’t get enough.James, when you are doing the rabbet for the bottom of the box aren't you supposed to go clockwise on insides?

I've never understood why black moves the Q back after the Scandinavian defence.0:02 - If Millennial Woes was mulatto.Love aggressive openings.That's 37 minutes and 3 seconds I can never get back.I'm whatching Nakamura at the deep.Is he a good teacher or what?

Have you compared the Phillips and the pozi drive and the jis cross head screws.21:41 why are nerds so loathesome?It's from GM Maurice Ashley's channel.Its answer comes out to be 58.Next time time you go there again let me know I will come there with you at 3am.Me: I really need one.

Will the arduino flip the table on the receiving end aswell?Moral of the story: Fuck the police---And the courts that enable rapistsand murderers too.Also you can get to a very higher amount of numbers very easily in the german System.I dated a girl whose grandad served on it.It helps me anyway.I would love to see it in person, as to my old eyes the colors are a bit disorienting.There is no way that any assault (except brain injury), like the kick leading to her miscarriage, would cause an adult non-psychopath to become a psychopath.


I watched it all

Barry Allen

Albus Severus PotterJames Sirius PotterLily Luna Potter

Jeff Jefferson

what program is he or are you using for reconstructing games?

Serge Lorenz Villasica

I would like to suggest a game by Kasparov. I love how you enjoy analyzing attacking games and every time there is a brilliancy, your eyes just brighten up.It is Kasparov vs Pribyl (1980). It features how passed pawns are powerful and deadly. But if you have better games in mind or suggested by others, it's alright. :) Peace.

Anton 01

Morphy is so cute tho <3


Why Rem and Joe dressed alike lol


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