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Juliana Terao contra o Super GM Axel Bachmann - Floripa Chess Open 2020

He needs diffinders.It's really cool to see and learn all the little tips and tricks.Best table ive seen.This video is best watched on x2 speed.Understanding both the power of compound return and the difficultly of getting it is the heart and soul of understanding a lot of things - Charles T Munger.His head moved it Look closely Not Moe tho.

Why wouldnt white play BishopD2, followed by Knight C6, Followed by pawn E2 to e3.You draw a octagon scribbles on paper.Are you ever going to get back to normal games haha.I do not understand why anyone removes the bark edge."i'd prefer to be White" this sentence Always gets me."Is your character John OR Stacy OR Adam OR Rosie OR Chris OR James OR Eliza OR Sanjay Or.Get a life u homo.

Dude the pawns are like chinas army.Thanks for the cool videos.Putting a slow Mo on a piece of wood being thrown, makes you look a c u n t.It was nice of that guy to let the kid win.No views and 19 likes.Also would like to know how much you would charge for that box.

3:11 why not rook x e3?Who the hell is coughing every single second?Nile Red, Peter Sripol, Tom Stanton, William Osman, AND Allen Pan in a video together?Im in this range and normally i wouldnt think, thatk they play decent chess at 1300, it looks mor like 1500 elo, but maybe i overestimate my own elo, but elo tests give me 1600-17000 Elos.I love your parts washer!They gave it to a British mathematician and gave him all the information we found out about it.Yasser should resign from StLouis commentating, the team is a disaster.

The "lawyer" made

The "lawyer" made

It is pure insanity how fast he calculated that Kp ending.I work on a machine that runs heidenhein and there it is much simpler.You surpassed the impossible.Jerry, Love your style and approach.I hope they didn't swallow that nonsense about players in the 18th to 19th Century!This transformer on the primary winding has a thermal fuse, which degrades from time to time and stops working, even with a whole winding.How long did it take to make :P?I'm genuinely SO happy I could find the solutionI have an important test tomorrow and I was scared I wouldn't be able to make it, but now after I solved this, I'm feeling so powerful!Man your kids are pretty good.

I got to the point where it does a daily maintenance and sort of wondered.Was Lasker 103 years old when he played this game?A 3D printer’s gradual descent into madness.What was the Cornell tribute song ?Make it for apple REEEEEE.Last one try to do when ur drunk.Pianos are string instruments confirmed.

Don't know why this some recommended to me but.Thank you all for watching and I will see you soon.I would die for Claire from the bonappetit test kitchen- mikes mice :)).Wait a minute Tiffany is Omar’s best friend in this vid in the new vid she is his gf.Won fair and square - why consider anything else ?How can I get my hands on this marvel?Really like the maroon (red) velvet it really makes it.It's confusing and non-informative.

9 year old


Mathieu Loiselle, CAIA

10:00 ,replay

Pandu Laksono

very interesting. thanks!


Great info as always! Thanks so much!

Carter Tomsha

yall shooting outta motel room lmaoo

Will Garmer

The word "measure" is used today almost exclusively in the context of "quantitative measure". I.E., determining how many whatzits an object is in length or how many whozits an object weighs (or masses, if you're a scientificalish sort of personalty).But the techniques you showed for the router inlay are also a form of measure. They're just more of a comparative or relative measure than a quantitative one.You placed the actual inlay on the board and traced it with a marking knife. This gave you the measure of the inlays length and width. Then you used the inlay itself to set the router plunge depth, which gave you the measure of the inlay's depth. You used the inlay itself //as a measuring device for all three dimensions, giving you accurate measures for 1 inlaylengthunit by 1 inlaywidthunit by 1 inlaydepthunit.It's still measuring, it's just a different, and in this case, far more accurate, style of measurement. Because the units you used are more precisely aligned with the actual object (or in this case, hole) you were measuring, rather than arbitrary units like feet, meters, handsbreadths, or cubits, which would have to be multiplied and subdivided to represent a real-world object (or in this case, hole).How many 'whats' in a 'grid' to get you safely into the heart of downtown Berlin? Who cares!? The distance from here to there is always equal to exactly ONE heretothereunit. No math required. Which is good, because I suck at math. And at woodworking, but that's neither here nor there. Obscure MASH reference...

Dan Crowley

My favorite part of these types of videos is how they bring out all the know-it-all, ultimate construction, tough guys saying how everything this guy did was wrong.The very guys that made me leave the trades.Nothing wrong at all with how this guy trimmed the door.If it looks good at the end, you did it right.Period.

Bhavani M

2:03 You could also promote to queen then play qh7

Fahd Albaraze


Bruce Highcock

Maybe a sport like mountain climbing where relaxing equals death!

Mes polly jones

Hello, what kind of liquid is this, please?

Giuseppe Minardi

I don't know why, but I want to punch the level 1 chef on the face.Really, really hard.


Its wetter than water cuz water isn't even wet.

Avilen Chombo

I'm gonna try my best not to murder myself

Reece Johnson

2:26 wait he spent 17 minutes on the reply? did i hear that right?

Uncomfortable Truth

The commentary here is just SUPERB!!!! first time watching and I got hooked because of the way you explaining the moves

Dwi agus Setio

raditya dika bang radit SUCRD 2020 kapan nihhhh

-Double Negative-

you missed the time he said checkmate and just kept playing

John O'Shaughnessy

That was a great video.You were super enthusiastic, and did a great job with the video and the explanations/voiceover.

Eshani Anand

Who are those 609 crazy hoomans who would dislike this???

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