Chess kansas city

Hello my blog

Jumpin Squirrel Family Game

This guy's gotta pretty good clamp collection.Thanks for sharing.Yaaaay, we have the king's indian!Nice video you should do whats inside a vr.Hey can you plz make a video on how to learn oops and how to get good at it plz.Este man est demente, jugadotas.

To watch him play game

To watch him play game

At 51:24 my Vector3 isnt highlighted and the bird doesnt fly when I click.When I saw Fino Herrera here.Good layout and sharp tools mean everything-same as wood.I miss harry potter Harry potter never ended Atleast not from our heart.Now I know I'm getting old, didn't even realize the girl in the back until I saw comments.Wtf I'm a rich white guy so I'm kick this preggo bich good times uh.He missed the black queen to e2.

That makes no sense Gecko bro.

That makes no sense Gecko bro.

But whats happening right now simply a joke.Talk about a totally screwed up vid!)Can't wait for more Nezhmetdinov games and your upcoming videos.Licking those balls would probably taste better than Wendy's frys.And in many countries in the world right now, it is not a choise.30:31 on Moes neck there’s scratches.

Very nice chess game art

Very nice chess game art

Can you add a video that has none of the talking bits but just the woodworking?That lady who was kidnapped, should get some help.This is so beautiful that it makes me cry.Best movie ever.Custom chess board $1299.They cost more, but they are nice quality.It is not the woman's fault.Your video shows you forcing them to fit.

Once things become simplified it almost turns into a bullet game and we know you wreck, when that happens.They just don't know it yet.One of the things I recently learnt while reviewing analytic geometry is the theorem of Ceva.Fuck nutted willi wonka looking bitch !Please answer im dying of curiosity.I like the idea but play 3 min or 5 min games :) easier for you to talk and for us noobs to follow whats actually happening.Hi vng ad bnh lun t tin hn, d nghe hn.

Mc Art

Great idea

byggmann post

I was for sure more nervous than Ron

Nadica Grbic

send me one

Aryan Gupta

But when we fold a piece of paper in halves, we can't fold more than 8 times

Abhishek Narayan Acharya

And also you forgot to mention that a pawn piece can only move and or capture pieces in forward direction. It does not move or attack backwards. Nevertheless! It was a nice tutorial video :)

Paul Adam

LOL. The only man he still fears is Putin

Inter Dimensional Goober

I got this mixed up with the brief history of cheese

Shay Louise

Voldemort may not have had a body of his own but at least he had a nose here haha

Scott Haun

researching ideas for my own chess set, I found your channel. and you live like an hour away from me. small world! lovely design.

hazel lava

Zozo its so scary and you moe sargi ithe demons whispering me and isee a monster in baguio city

Steven Sanchez

Boring at least try to say I annoy right

juan puerto

Analiza a tux lunan

rmdhni poetry

Kocak wkwk

Travis Harris

This makes me wanna be a wizzard like be in grindwald and learn in hog warts!!!!!!!

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