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Too much bubbles.Can't believe all the negative comments.21:11Just upgrade the road alreadyAVOID making it even longer.I wish everyone have a great, stress-less day!

Butit mga viewer's kilig na man kme lhat han ayudado demasiado xD.SALUTI A MARADONA.At 9:19 u can see a hand.2:17 that's not how I remembered it working out?Looking at the grain distribution is like looking thru a kaleidoscope.

Down and dirty tips we all can use-I like it!2:51:00Ladies and gentleman, the human being is totally capable to beat great engines like komodo, leela and stockfish.Subscribe to my YouTube channel for easy Checkmates.  "Bishop to Queen Bishop Three.What if the white queen moves at H4 to it's queen.

You have my highest respect for this achievement.

You have my highest respect for this achievement.

Macs are amazing.Khi tt n xe th tng s bt c hu.I swear if this shit starts spreading rapidly I am not leaving the house.No no no don't leave you need to go back upstairs investigate you are mosargi for God's sake.This was not a job for the casual woodworker, this George 3rd.Thanks for another great video.Test not taylored for supergrandmasters.The massive amount of "probability 0"s kinda frustrates me about this issue.The Lord loves you !BENCH HOOK - good idea, but mines better.

I learned a lot from your work!He's a blowtorch in a world of snowflakes.That looks like 2- 5.How about queen to a5 to prevent knight to b5?Boooh magnus boooh.Can the Cardsharp also be used for self defense? Rubashka-na-zakaz.What banks or accounts can I open to start saving?Hey, let's trade pieces :p.Ang sakit no binigay ng Dios pero babawiin din pala.

I think my IQ just went down by watching this video.The world and mystery in them are amazing, and this score is my favorite connections to them!1:23 darude thunderstorm.Children grow so fast!What application is it that your are playing chess on?Youre a legend !I remember it was barley news.

That'll bring in quick cut parts of inch thick steel aluminium plate or 5-axis parts, followed with either milling andor laser adding.I think it would be better if he used his realname then everyone knows they are playing the champ.Not everyone can afford the high prices CNC's demand, This is the answers to their problems.Burning wood usual cause from too fast cutter speed or too slow feed rate.I've noticed throughout PCL history that Hammer is never in the lineup during the most crucial moments of the season.

Paulian Hauzel

This trick help me a lot play in Hago chess


if he played against me he would smash his computer because of how bad i am lmao

ryan smith

Hello my friend. I'm a beginner learning chess. me question is, after your 4th move pond takes d5, how come queen doesn't take back on d5?


I got confused at 24:54I thought name and daa type and initval we're going to be seperated ok back to the vid, but a lil help need a briefing on what just happened there with that name=initval code example not sure how that's an algorithm or representation of (disclaimer I'm a beginner)


3:38 crowd control overload

ChaserGaming 69

Jack on Level 256: Oh iM ReAdY 69578 hats YaYAaaYyAAAYyYAyaYaAyyaya

Wayne Thompson

amazing to watch again what's the name of the red coloured wood is it padauk or something else?thanks.

Pear-Assed Drog

Bruh this is just shogi lmao

Eraste scientifique



Excellent explanations!

Mr. Sirhoffer

You are by far my favorite GM to watch on youtube....i like how you talk through all your moves at such a fast pace with such good humor thrown in.....I like Eric as well, he is funny and very relatable, but he tends to go silent in deep thought during his are much more vocal and let watchers get a glimpse of what is going on in your head...go USA!

Espen Totland

Keith is fucking rediculous its so funny how he tried to lie to not hurt their feelings

jun chen

Very nicely done

J Gallo

7:32 lol


6:49 "This is gonna be a fairly simple mop-up job""...he shouldn't have resigned"



DJ Jazz

I saw the video of Bjork’s obsessive fan killing himself. Horror Stories posted it. Let me say, it is traumatizing.

Fixit Fingers

Props for the science lesson. Who would have thought wood grain can mimic refraction!

Vanbaz Alharbi

it was a good game from Wei Yi, but to be honest his opponent was easy to trick many of the sacrifice moves that Wei Yi was gave to his opponent shouldn't have been taken. So it's not game of the year for me

Leo Deiters

4:06 I'm German and here the formula isn't ax2bxc but ax2pxq. Then we can build the next formula: X1,2= p:2 the root of ((p:2)2 -q). If you solve this you get the two solutions. Then you can check them with the "Satz des Vieta" like you showed in the video. X1X2=-p and X1X2=q. It's very simple if youve done it often enough.


3 Important Endgame tactics that people mess up:1. Having ironman use the infinty gautlet and killing himself. But when he does doctor strange should've just got the time stone and reverse time on ironman so he's alive again. 2. Getting your queen taken when the only piece your opponent has is his king.3. Saying 69 in your home alone and hearing someone saying "nice".

Souvik Biswas

Start Blender> Look at the default cube>

M.D. Programming

For the Command Recorder: First download the zip file, then open it with 7-Zip, then rename the main folder inside it from CommandRecorder2.8 to CommandRecorder and done, now install it like a normal add-on


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