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Damn, iron technique from Ding in the endgame.After white takes queen with bishop, knight takes bishop on b4 with an attack on bishop c6.This format is 100% what works for me.

8:00 Why won't Bd5 work here?

8:00 Why won't Bd5 work here?

A couple of those tools will be a useful addition to my carry around box.Hi toggi in the comments.Where did you get the template?I remember when this game was played I was just a young fellow about to embark on her Majesty's Ship "Invincible".I had to go out for a beer.The BEST explanation I've ever heard!5:00OuchHeadphones.I was here when he still had 10 fingers!

Reelly nice work.Chess theory An active king in the endgame versus a passive king is worth a little more than a Knight!It's this kind of honesty and objectivity that is a big part of the reason why she is so successful in women's chess and has become a legitimate (REAL) Grandmaster.I'm not upset with you Jerry.It was in my mind to create aresine sea just the way You did!Awesome project!At 6:26, instead of black doing knight to E7, what about Queen to E3 for check?

Talking about exotic

Talking about exotic

Makes no sense to me.This mL I love it 24hous to see." Another great agadmatorism.Enter the code PIL3169288 to get Free Credit.I guess everyone makes mistakes.

Pos to lene

Pos to lene

Would have been great to see the beast in his prime.I got a LFF DL360e G8 off eBay with dual Xeon E5-2440 CPUs and 64GB RAM for 439 bucks SHIPPED!Like a turtle Ha.Please keep making videos.Ive found oscillating multi tool not bad for cutting wood plugs close to flush.The ma k nhin ra.What if GM moved Qe8 instead of Rh8, would he be able to turn game around.It's a overloading position for Kasparov.What is he usually apologizing for and reaching for under his desk?But that's a personal choice.

Marc John

The Commando reference was 10/10.

Patrema Gilbert

This is a sweet bread.


Hey Jimmy,my 6yr old son was sick today, we watched this and he came alive with questions and remarks and was all inspired.Cheers bro, keep on trucking (from France) !

Anthor Castillo

17,0 - 39,0 - 22,0is this the same as 17 mm 39 mm 22 mm ?? im just confuse with the comma ( , ) instead ofdecimal ( . )

Bendang Yanger

Nice Box

CNC Kitchen

Feel free to share and discuss the video on you Social Media plattform of choice!First BTW!

D.B Cooper

Fantastic job but the tooling sounds better than the music .

Kettkart Profi



as fascinating as it is... I did expect it to be a more handcrafted, which was why I was curious to see it


Where is Malik?


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