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Kasirye Ggwanga asekeredde Tumukunde ku bwokuvuganya Museveni

The sound has definitely changed.Just incredible.Puzzles me buzzles.Yay i guessed the right move i can beat bobby fischer.Knight to c6threatening checkmate then if bishop capturesknight then queen captures bishop and rook to d8 checkmate.Kathikeyan on 10:55.

He missed the much easier Nxd2,

He missed the much easier Nxd2,

Once the logs are set together the weight holds them tight.Angelina Jolie Sex Video.You move the rook H4 and use it to defend the king like after F1 black rook youll do F4 white rook.Baking powder na ho to mam ky daal sakte he uski jagha.His Phd thesis is about interstellar dust, an obscure but relevant area of knowledge.The goering gambits' been working great!Twork smoked JJ in Atlanta.It boggles my mind.You can even use a meat thermometer inside the bird to tell that it is cooked and you can use an other one to tell how hot the oven is so you know if you need to use more or less metal and if you need to do it faster or slower.You are so talkactive.

Love your work man, i always had a wish to have a place like your's with all these machines etc, so i could make these kind of stuff.Better IdeaWWhite BBlackW:e4B:e5W:Qf3B:Random Move Except f6,Nh6,Nf6,Qe7,Qf6W:Bc4B:Another Random MoveW:Qf3xf7.They were woke when Ars and Top rapped.Even if we know the sum of those 2, we don't know exactly what numbers they are.Btw, your YouTube videos are excellent!That was just great !Very nicely done, I see a pair of these on my list for this summer.I never would have thought it was so complicated by looking at it installed.My question is how could you use this trash stupid CodeBlocks IDE.

Great teaching and thx zac i hope you progress!Just following the idea explained here will improve your game!Great instruction, no table saw in my shop yet, planning to use jigsaw and chisel on those notches.I thought they do it in head and start I never plan but I have make some game in solo learn.I was unable to solve excellent puzzle.

If he would have been my wood

If he would have been my wood

I am at home and i am offended.Very exciting game from Vishy!19:58 xe ra e3 mt tng.This left me with an unhole number of ones, and even more zeroes litetering my zone.Dejan, congratulation.It is painfully obvious that the handiwork we've just witnessed has been learned through many years of hard lessons learned.Philippe Carphin has the right idea.Carlson is already retarded compared to alpha go and many other ai.I hope you gave them to the homeless?


Only understandable by people who play violin and viola

Thermopolis Johnson



I think we would all love to see more of these classics played out on a real board and explained by John. Great stuff.


Very interesting game! I think that Aronian played 10.Be2 to prepare 11.a3Note that he also played c5 and b4 to support c5 lately.He must have considered 10.a3 immediately but the thing he didn't like maybe is that black can play 10... dxc4 intermezzo attacking the bishop on d3. Now if 11. axb4 black takes the bishop and if 11. bxc4 they enter a similar variation that was played in the game but Aronian can no longer play b4 to support c5.

JOHN Micheal

Idea From The Big Bang Theory?


It would have been super funny if you (purposely) missed every pocket at the end. That should be your thing.

Aysan San

This isthe super Einstein

Sean Brittain

How about the wreck of the endmund Fitzgerald

Grzegorz Paka

Which exact species of tree did you use to make this board from youtube not from your blog?

RYAN Skyer


Hyunguk Choi


PotatoAim Animations


MeriKa Tools

You have good content

Dre Day

These two clowns fucked battlerap ALL THE WAY up!! They act like they run a fortune 500 company lmao.If anyone should be disciplined it should be norbes! Otherwise, everything was fair. That fat clown fucked his girl and paid the price, real simple.

Likha Teni

At 10:15 black can go Rf8?

David Sapta

little too late


Your wrong the sky isn't the limitThe limit is 256 block stupidIts on 5:67

Legendary Sanin

suggestion where is sergey karjakin's queen sacrifice??

Erin Horne

Who else thinks that it looks like a giant wooden doughnut


Can u explain some more chess opening stradegies ......Plz make a more detailed video on tht plz!!!

Graham Cartwright

WTH happened at 5:50?

Mam Dangkhoi06

verry great

Grabeh iyak ko

Miss Sarah Ashplant

Another good quote!

Javad Joodi

The oldesy chess pieces were found in Burned City of Zabol,that's why many believe chess was first invented in Iran

Michael Palmer

Calm down eddy the eagle

Michelle W

Questing: Why hang the tools but not finish the walls first? Seems like double the work in the long run.

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