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Just thought I would put that out there since it doesn't get covered as the alternative to Qf6.I think would went and got a router and been done with it.Absolutely gorgeous.5:17When u add ur own move suggestion.September 23 2019 na sinu katulad ko dito na nanonood parin nito hanggang ngayon.You sure have the talent, my friend.What's that song at 3:46?Ini game bisa ngelawan orang secara langsung ga tapi via online.

I would like to purchase your plans for the Lifting Table.2 and 5 don’t make sense.Amazon has a nice track saw that's not to crazy in price.This guy always give me a smile on my face.I do not understand why anyone removes the bark edge.

The fact that trickymate beat the GM with a few seconds of thinking time.Maybe instead of looking out there, we should look inside.Fischer would have walked out already.Carlsen's scowl is unworldly.This is bin game ever.29:557 it scares me!The lawyer isnasty.Your dog made me laugh so hard.

THIS IS AMAZING!I love that "BUT!0:46 let's get straight into it.I kinda like this comment section.Exactly why we love you Jerry.El rey va con su color.One of the best video that I had seen.My husband used these plans from Stodoys and he's very satisfied.It is very good.It’s pretty distracting watching I can imagine the effect on the players!

Thank you so

Thank you so

Forktown population you.Sad No Mini Board!Congratulations, it was too beautiful, one day I learn rsrs.According to the calculations the most recent common ancestor in the population of 360000 people in Iceland should be around 18 generations away and the identical ancestor generation should be 32-33 generations back.He said it in an interview.He was evil and that is that.You did a verry good and neat job!After Rd4 it looks like white had some chance with Nxc5.33:27 poor guy.

What do you think differentiates them from each other in terms of being sucessful?For me makes sence.STUDID AUSTRALIANS.I'm subscribed and definitely looking forward to watching more videos from you.He would not only grab the rook, he would also get the e3 pawn by chess and than the d4 paw.That is incredible skill, knowledge, artistry, and humility.Operation paperclip.

I am glad to know there is someone who makes replacement pads out there.He looks like anish giri.What is the color of the flex board?Aaaand you lost me.I have question about using this with multiple elements.Wei Yi vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave Reykjavik Open (2013) Sicilian Defensechess   prodigy  siciliandefencep.And if I ever get to any point in life that I just can't swing a hammer anymore then I'll just hang up the hammer and begin my retirement with good ole hickory smoked wheat aged bourbon moonshine I've been making and storing.And the tape thing is bullshit.

James Connelly

French scientist Jean Claude Perez connects the structure of the whole human genome to the table of all possible codons, the dragon fractal, and phi.  Sounds pseudo but his articles are published in prestigious journals.


After thinking about that crucial move for 10 minutes and decided what I would do, just before unpausing the video I went: "Yeah of course it will be some strange shit like KF1"

Nadir Aa

Bunch of rich dudes congratulating themselves on being awesome


1:21 Promote to a king, Jerry?

William Bloodworth

Fantastic! Love it.Queens are on the wrong squares though. Queens go on their own color... so white queen goes on the white square. That's the easiest way to remember it.

Jason Rawls

I just bought a book via my Forward Chess app (which I highly recommend-it makes reading chess books way easier). Its called The Power of Pawns by Jorg Hickl, which I also recommend for those interested in this subject. It goes into depth about pawn play and also has quizzes, and right now its a bargain at $12.99. I think you can also get it thru the New In Chess website or amazon.

Scott Carlass

I think the rule is at that point you push all the "chess hustlers" to live in a certain part of town, build a big wall and rule with an iron fist!

conner jonson

in the process of making one with scrap I had at work. cherry for the bricks and maple for the mortar. thanks for the tips and also techniques. mine probably won't be as thick since I'm only using scrap and most of the stock we get is usually only about 30-40 mm thick

Zeandre Outram

Great job im a huge fan brother.

GladiatoR XD

What a match?

The Woodworking Metalhead

Holy sheit i'm early!


By the way... is he... drunk?

Kanavit Choonit

Immortal game by Ivanchuk.

Pc Master Wraith

i dont get why 3d print your own parts for the machine when injection molding is far cheaper and faster and better to create standard parts, this costs more to print all the parts on all these machines right?

Mr. Twicks

6:30 missed Ke2

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