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Key & Peele - Undercover Boss

Im pretty sure the first game ending was not check mate lol.thanks to you!Why didn't the continue playing?mulat sapol nd ko naramdaman un pagmmhal.Technically an illegal move!

They are an intrinsic part of the history of their country and the people who have used it over decades and centuries.That's your move?Loved the animations!HABEEB ITHABEEB IT.What's up with the frowny face at 16:09 lmao.Congratulations.But, I must say.Why can’t he just drink room temp water?

Your lathe seems to be

Your lathe seems to be

It’s a world wide issue, the World Heath Organization is the instrument to use.Sick, sick people.As he states though, things are supposed to get smaller when this slope increases, which is why he multiplies by 1tan(theta2) instead.I just put up the Emerson Transistorized Tape Recorder Demo Tapes.Were up and running anyway-Hobbs.Yes, I want to have one of these boards too.I have a feeling you don’t like vegemite.Cpp: In function int main()’:main.2:05 "Bishop"Magnus be like.Mang kulaaaaass.

Gluing on breadboard

Gluing on breadboard

Perhaps they just need to be different so that they don't blend together?I reckon you could easily build this much better by yourself using a Maker Workshop for a bit of CNC.Ned is so freaking talented, but i'm Pretty sure Zack is the only reason ned won.I've been looking for a new table saw and I planned on Building something similar for it!To be honest though, I seldom use the Track-Saw.While person will do it physically and computer will do it with motors.Thanks very much from South Aussie.If an alien tries to eat me im gonna eat it instead.

Lol, Poolshark here I come lol.Thanks for covering the audience and keeping the board tiny and at a wrong angle.Made me remember kasparov.Wow this is crazy, im too stupid for chess thats for sure.Seriously love what you think say how you say it!I actually figured out the checkmate threat at 43:20.You are quite welcome!


Why is the Zvezda playlist unlisted?! D:Put it on your Numberphile playlist page, darn it!

Duncan Donuts

OnE ThOUsaNd

Israel Osborne

Give me a job lol

Anastasis Sfyrides

Can someone explain why do the 2 newly formed clones have to add up to their generator's value? I mean, after the cloning, there isn't any way to distinguish who created whom, so their values could as well be equal to their generator's. Of course there wouldn't be any arguement to continue, as the total value climaxes to imfinity, buti really don't see the compulsiveness of attaching half the original value to the clones and not the same

Mickey Done


Ninja Tokes

That moment when your doorknob turned into an electric generator.

Learn Something Everyday

I am now 1300 now, as a player being too close to 1042 before, ome cannot play this well,, maybe someone is helping northernnick11

I breathe Napalm

I know why you're here and no, it won't make you go back in time.


"Could it finally help to fulfill the tremendous promise of 3D printing?"No, it couldn't. Four years later, and counting...




You forgot stalemate


Somebody read the GM Serper article on a little used tactical motif.

jill squad

this is some poop

Lost Remnant

After being on my recommended for so long I'm finally watching this video

Curtis Strafford

thank you

Truther Truther

Alexander the so called great??He reigned for only 13 years and most lands he claimed where uninhabited??What’s so great about that??

Elise Durand

LOL you did that family guy voice way to good!  that was not scary! lol


Now let's see you make that part on a manual machine

beni RAHAT brakn

I found it without your explanation

kiranbabu kancharla

coolest thing ever


Peter, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your company in this video.  Thanks for the insights as well!

Buddy Wiser

I don't miss using 8-tracks. Or cassettes. Just the fun I had while listening.

jee anarxis

Thanos lighter

Tyler Beard

A jet engine made from wood. Impressive!

Yuri Barros Mendes

salve galera do brasil

siva kumar

Nobody: Chess players are boring nerds..Magnus: Hold my beer!!


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