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Galing galing ng bb kooo!Also, use Robertson!14:25 why not pawn pawn to a3?

5 (radial size) G91 GO3

5 (radial size) G91 GO3

Yeah yeah cool video and all.Just have to adopt it at the right stage, after the early adopters figure out all the problems.The useless babble stops around 1:10.Ini bisa pak jbakan noah ark kan.Magnificent box for secret things from thieves ' views.One of the greatest ever.

Breathtakingly beautiful piece.Black had a nice fork at minute 3:02.Then they could complain about global cooling.For sure Karpov likes knights.I’d really like to buy one if you ever plan selling!That whole video felt very theraputic lol.Nice craftsmanship and story telling !Thats the second time today i hear about the fisher prize.Ur not goin to get eaten by wolves if u were to get eaten it would be by kyotes wolves are scardy cats if they hear someone mile away they run silly.

Eugene smiling is my religion.Do you sell the furniture after you have finished it?I can usually tell.Thank you for the video, so much work.Also labour costs not included intentionally ?

Musk and Zuckerberg can barely speak and Nye spews script, no science necessary.Who moves the king like that ?Beautifully awesome.Why do you freak out about how long you're taking?Carlsen could find that winning sequence.I was forgetting to defend the pieces.Instead of Rc6, isnt Qb1 better?Greetings from Russia.Love the videos thanks for sharing.

Husband: To cut a burrito.I feel so much safer and more confident now that I have this tool.Black cold win in 1:07With bg6 and you know what you do next.Local celebrity maybe.Camera work reminded me of Arrested Development lol.That's 4 walls, not a box.Karpov and tania.

Aq ne alkan adamsn.

Aq ne alkan adamsn.

I quit putting models together cause the glue never worked or it melted the plastic.I don't understand the tactic at 5:50Qxc5 Rxe5 Qxe5What then for black?Awra Hope more more movie to come pa.The schedule you described is a great goal, and life style.Thank you very much, sir.

Heath Sims

haha they made a gay joke

Zeynep Alptekin

You can also notice that you add 8, 16, 24, and then 32 to the denominators. The pattern continues with multiples of 8

Logan Salyer

The first opponent was insanely lucky lol


This reminds me of a song that is the last track on an album and I can’t for the life of me remember what it is.


Super movie


What a crazy time to be alive!

Muhammad Mujtaba

2:16 sons and daughters?


I would have a constant migrain. It hurts my eyes. Thumbs up. WOW! I almost said down, i'm cornfused.

Elena Mueller

Why are they writing?

Vernon Howell

The music was very hip and funky! I liked it! The table turned out beautiful!!!

Jim LePeu

I made similar dogs for my bench and just put holes in the legs to store them until needed

sau hoang


umar khan

I am from Pakistan, there is no culture of chess..but I still play


First class Keith and Rhea, very watchable and glad to see you're using a decent Gin and a decent tonic too.


Very, very good! I want more!!

Cesar Brian Ong

Why move the camera?

DoncewaZ xxx

So explain me again: how do iron absorbs those neutrons?..

Shawn Kendrot

Looks like you got a new table saw in this video! I was wondering if they gave you the saw or if you went ahead and purchased it. Would love to know how you're liking it.


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