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Khan Academy Live: SAT Math

Had to keep refreshing the AR button.The fact that life is unfair, unlike your dice, is exactly why we are all related to fairly recent Royals.Loved it especially, the way you did the table's legs.

So the rule is to not lose and wait until the clock runs out.This is a amazing checkmate.2:03:48 ooo DrDrunkenStein.I saw t on wool.My grandmother had lived just down the street from him and used to regularly talk to him.Bao Long Nguyen.It's been a while I've waiting for your new variation and chess tactics!

Damn it sucks when they miss the actual match between two legends and discuss potential lines instead.These MS women were killed not far from my home.I thought I would give you a rating for this project and for some reason a one-star rating seems appropriate.Thank you Jarvis, now I don't regret what learning python.But Gary he dident like loss.Damn, little Timmy is gonna see dead people.

Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing

Came up with another optionYou split it into 2 groups of 2 and a group of fourOnce you've tested the two groups of 2 against each other (assuming both fail) you know there MUST be some combination in the group of four after 2 testsyou then start testing individual batteries - assuming your first tests (56 78)fail - you've used 4 tests thus farthen (57, 58) and if THOSE fail you know the answer must be 67 - only takes 7 attemptsthis also lets you know for sure 58 are in fact duds if you ended up going this far in case your trying to throw away the duds.Sir, u r the best.For at least 4 months I worked on my opening repertoire, Studied planning and strategy by Euwe, studied Positional Decision making by Boris Gelfand, Reviewed Karpov's Strategic wins (volume 1), did easy tactics on CT Art 4.Alpha Zero is a monster but we still love StockFish since we owe it a lot.So if the Infinitely lighting fire math can’t be blown out then I’m gonna die because it’s never going to run out.People who repeat themselves5.Rook and queen fork for blackdisappointing.It is already an out-of-control situation.This is all on the ender 2.

Perfect for workplace lunchrooms where there's only a microwave and you wouldn't trust your coworkers to not infect your espresso machine with cooties.But the POS refused to talk.Wouldn't a Q-J of hearts beat hit straight?Those festool guys really use it for everything!Paul 1982, and I was white".I don't know how YouTube is recommending me only videos with Ace attorney music in the background but they've all rocked so far.Most famous, my ass.


Good one! The best description yet on tool shaping. I do, however, have one question, why do you never show your face? Is it because you are a wanted man and don't want the law to come knocking on your door?Just curious.......

Baptiste Bauer

Anish Giri immitating Hikaru was so hilarious to watch XD

Disturbed Shifty

Ahhh! Who are you and what did you do with Pask!? Lol! All kidding aside, sans-beard looks great.

Shane Hinds

If you put the same situation to a computer and it doesn't choose her moves it would seem very unlikely that she was cheating!

Craig Sudman

Awww, no magic involved?I was hoping there would be magic involved.Despite that...great video, thumbs up.

The Truth

Dado blades for beginners, Nice one.


I misread "Morning Mood" as Morning WOOD.

Oliver Nikolajsen

Hi! You should get Slappy Boy from the app store - its free, its fun, its also a bit strange

Lewellyn Vorster

Hi I know this has nothing to do with anyone but I can see ghosts and feel presents of people and ghosts ect... I also feel others emotions and if I stand in a house I might be able to feel agood or bad presents if you give me a pic of something I'll "see" wat happend. Now i know it seems unbelievable but i can really do this

JS Quacker

Every winter our scout district hosts a merit badge challenge. I have the joy of sharing the chess experience with 3 groups of 16 scouts over 3 Saturdays. A majority of the scouts earn the merit badge. Just as important, these kids have an opportunity to learn and practice chess skills in a friendly environment. Because we use school desks for our games, several years back I chose the 3 3/4" Basic Club Chess Set with the smaller analysis board (20"x20"). They have held up well over 5 or 6 years. Thank you for good product at reasonable price.And I hope you enjoy your time away.


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