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Kingdom Hearts III - Xehanort Trailer

Why not move the white queen to H1 to defend the bishop?Id be doing well to remember one of those scenarios!I’m still trying to get something going for myself but I’m confident that something will workout once I put in the time and effort.

I have an app in store that can calculate euler centroid orthocenter and everything about trainglewhere you simplfy drag the points of traingle whereever you want and get instant result with details steps of how to do it.3:46 LAW AND ORDER!Yg buat video dahak banyak.The freakin eerie music after he say's I KILL DEM!Well chosen selection.The girl could have won but move the king in the wrong spot.

How long do you clamp the boards for?It's like we are depending on the mercy of those hackers.Scroll back to 11:00 in the video after the door closes on Moe.Those fine syringes are cool too.I like your setup.Ben min 41:00 " magnus taught me this opening, although he did make a large wager on you" xD.13:31 look to the right of the big tree it's a girl sitting on the trunk.19:10 made me wet.Really inspirational!I would love it if you could do a similar video feauturing old printers.

I didn't know that about the two

I didn't know that about the two

I like it a lot.Destroyed the whole day!Moe try a 24 hour challengein the islanddoll in,mexico.Overall I like your content so dont take it the wrong way.This is chess polygamy!He died in 2008.It's a T H I N G !

Maybe we should stop giving cheaters

Maybe we should stop giving cheaters

Always simple, balanced and wise.Remember they're kids ben.Thank you for this video!He's a teen now.Fantastic work guys!Oh man, no surprise i've been eyeing Ding Liren for so many years, this GM is aggressive as fuk, i bet if he make an account in chess.What if white goes bf1?27and after 107 moves it says 0.Thanks great video my man.Each dog has the right to have one.

Which one did, or are, you deciding to go with?Awesome work, congratilations!James takes off shirt Eugene: gay.3:26 if you finish drinking you die?Then, if he wants to "shatter" the white queenside pawns, Black must exchange his dark-square Bishop for the white Knight on c3.It's more comfortable listening to a 'friend' rather than a teacher :).47:22 Can someone tell me the song?

So the charged batteries are either in

So the charged batteries are either in

Thanks a lot for the tutorial !Can you upload Fisher vs Spassky 1972 world chess championship matches?I'm grateful and a subscriber!An ageless game!1980's Phantom Mephisto clone with device pairing.

Matt Stiles

It’s called an APU

Are S.

7:08So you can split this up...On up, on this iPad, Siri is interrupting and starts listening for commands. I understand why devices can pick up external audio and interpret them as commands, but I thought they were self-aware and didn’t act on self-generating sounds.

Michael Lusk Disabled Vet WoodWorker

I think it is a great vid Marc. I have often supported more humor in your vids, and this one was just right! Well placed! I like the experimentation. Would like to see some more of that if you can think of things you haven't tried before!

Ken mora

I saw a hewmens hand


I'd love to see new tubes and valves being made that are drop-in replacements for the originals, because I know of a certain computer at a certain park in Milton Keynes that probably will need replacements at some point in its life.

Jerry Pickles


Andres Genta

Why the D5 square is so important in the 2nd match?


Linus looks like a penguin


What a great video of a great game. The slow-mo replay was pure awesomeness. Thank you!

Unnamed 42

I see you jack flexing your iPhone 11

Thushi Shiwanga

Wow 8 year old kid is very talented he has a great future's

Best Robux Scammer

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Vandi Pradiktya

at least mac never update without permission?

pramodsp pillai

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Ken Olson

I can almost taste that Ronson lighter fluid in the first drag... Yuk!

Yannick Kouassi

Match gagnait depuis longtemps

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