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Hello my blog

Knight vs Bishop Endgame Lessons in Round 9 at FIDE Grand Swiss 2019

That you aren't wasting wood, but you also have wedges the exact same size as the tenons.Stellar not sure it'll actually help me improve because i seem impervious to that, but i know this is a good resource at least lol.14:33 1100 -1347OOF.Tal is the best!

Nothing will change if the horse will take the queen bec white horse will go to check and the king cant move bec black bishop is blocking the king.Honestly, I don't believe that Anna cheated.May be I am missing something?I think the real slim Chuck Norris is GM Spraggett.

8k flat earther's were here HAHAHHA.With the sink being in the bathroom and under constant use.You may be dealing with a squatch.He might not win or anything, but 14 in-depth lessons from the best players in the world is something rarely anybody gets to experience.Very nice job buddy !Here for a refresher on chess my 4 year old grandson is beginning to play and I don't want him outmanouvering Granny!Were can i watch every video of openings explained.My credit card is not international2.Getting criticised for Be3 for over 150 years?

The way Ben casually sips from his cup at 25:05 is so funny it cracks me up.The white haven't king!Not Invented,Stumbled upon by Cro-Mags,.Thanks allot for uploading these concepts which would help starting students.Unbelievable how brilliant he is at his age.

I think we should be ashamed on us.14:05 mai queen g2 check mate hai.Wu Pak Kit CM2(27).That segwayyyy haha.Men, Eudora will be OP again if she has Carmilla beside her.DEMOCRATS ARE PATHETIC SPREADING STUPIDITYVIRUS.I just heard a loud thump.Looking forward to the Karparov series!

Anand once again, lags time.

Anand once again, lags time.

Also the way your teaching is good,it helped me learn it better.I 'll tryfrompakistan.I want one of these for my 9 year old son VERY badly and wish there was a way to buy one of these!This 3M paper looks similar to Zona Paper, at?This is not makeing easy.Carlsen is his kid.NOW YOU MUST SHOW YOUR TEETH AND GRAB HIS EAR A LITTLE BIT.Kotlawanski or Koltanowski.Bxf7 Kd8 White has to care about hanging g2 first, and after 8.

Brian Engelking

Maybe I did not wade far enough into the comment section but you mention nothing of lead, which would be in the paint on that door.Any disturbance of that paint would create lead dust which is extremely dangerous (especially to children).Maybe a short blurb at the beginning on lead safety is in order?

Izzy Jaded

Nothing like turning chess into poker.


are public guys retards? it looks like they're 30 years old 650 ELO


nice work

Storm Aker

I am not surprised by the clickbait since this is an indian channel


Look at that prolapse

Wolfred Bromley

has my floor of my throne room tiled with those fractal patterns when I become caliph

Aman Singh

Great sir


I love it. I do pawn sacs to open lines when I feel I'm behind or will be stuck defending but I love his thinking to do sacs like these when there is no demand for something bold.These give courage to trust in piece play even more.Thx for the share!

Richard Hofer

Just genious!

Donny’s hot tips

I enjoyed your video :)Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :)


I’m just gonna say it, I think Eugene secretly has a little racism towards white people. I ain’t gonna reply to any comments so flame me if you want but that dude has got a lil something against whites

Hajar Renate Midbrd

horrificcaseofparentsmakingamonster...withdifferentparentshewouldmost likelyneverhavekilled...

Bhaswati Das

Plz teach me chess ,i don't know about chess . Plz help me

Vijay Khorgade

nice video

Katherine :3

Brands say craftsmanship and years of practice makes it worth the price but honestly lol just no.

Graham H

That is a beautiful table!i'm curious how sturdy it is with all of those joints though.If someone were to decide to sit on the coffee table, do you think it could handle it?

Str Naga


Stian Gjerken

He should be a famous fucking banter regular. The way he explains chess is fenomenal. Love it.


Game 16 Lc0 vs SF of the current TCEC super final (played at would be great to comment I guess. Closed, positional, would be interesting to know what is going on under sea level.


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