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K-Shine Speaks on Danny Myers Allegedly Losing $12,000 to T-Rex

3:28 didn’t he touched it?The end result is excellent, but really - it should be.Do you have reason to suspect you're playing against a team?Shame it didn't work but then again wouldn't have this one hell of a clip.

Excellent video production.Your repurposing old boards are an excellent way to repurpose wood that is still useable with a little work they look like new again.These comments be misleading as always, this clearly JJD 2 - 1 Geechi.My bad, it was extremely educational and I thank you again, this profession is something I want to pursue.Any opinions on Waterlox?When I opened the box I found the one from eBay to be in nearly perfect shape on the outside.How was the image cut.If one more book was added to the stack it would be different and could not be equated.

Perhaps you guys should get a

Perhaps you guys should get a

Just a tip on removing lables from shop bought wood.He still had a move or 2.Nice job I only really got into Woodwork in about a year ago making jewelry boxes and stuff like that all you guys here on YouTube inspire me and hope to be as good as you guys on herep.Cool project buddy.I can usually tell.Omg the last game was a fight for who could make the biggest blunder.I WOULD DEF WOULDVE TRIMMED THE RAISED OUTLINED FACE OF THE SIGN IN GOLD TOO.

Them rocks will put you on point though.But be carefull.Anh va chi va phn tch cho ti em hiu vi.What brand of fondant do you use?17:57 master "baiter"?Thanks for sharing.Rook to h4 also works for the first oneHere is the line:1.Why didn't Carlsen do pawn to B7.Mister Bean jogou muito.Blue and orange on great videos this one seem rushed and skip though really like when you show the reassembly part as well not much explanation on how they work that's what I like also so much.

What great chess and commentary by Gata.I had insomnia, but together we will overcome it !Un video saludos!Amazingly instructive analysis as usual.YOUR KEYBOARD IS TRANSPOSED.3:29 what would happen if carlsen took the knight on C5 with his Queen.I had a guy keep disconnecting during a classical game before.You did great work, but I think you spent too much time on this.

Whts the name of the

Whts the name of the

Thank you, Agad.Again, black could trade queens, but it would leave white’s rooks able to double up on the d-file, and - more important - both white’s knight and bishop can now defend the d5 pawn, and black can’t take the hanging knight due to the pin!Continued success.Wass up with this lovely lady.Man thay is one beautifully crafted lighter.

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20:00 "He blundered, he blundered, he totally blundered" - The engine has determined this to be a LIE.

Saber Mania

Kebanyakan ngomong yang gak perlu, jadi durasinya jadi panjang.

Trevor Reyes

feel free to message me if you want to talk at TheTrevster9114


7:28 depende si el pen va a coronar

lina erawaty

Sy apresiasi...tapi kegunaanya untuk apa benda seperti itu...lbh baik anda membuat perahu..perabot rmh tangga yang multi fungsi....


Magician !!

Johnny Cats

the great Paul Frees doing the voicework on the RCA stuff


Mato ,do you those who flag dislikes ? strange people !

Jeff Smith

A big part of me was hoping he'd down a bottle of whiskey and say "fuck it, lets hack the Kremlin!"


Whats voz mode i thought it was vase

Chris Zablocki

If you don't like Magnus, then you don't like chess. No apologies for those that don't like his "ego".


The pronounciation of the question was bad, which caused me to misunderstand the riddle. When you said "If she passes", that can also imply that she guessed correctly (similar to "Passing a test"). I didn't realize that by "passing" you meant "Decided not to answer the question that day."

slasher lass

I think only magnus carlsen can win against wei yi, wei yi is too strong for other GM's

innox innox

This is an amazing piece of art! If I were to make further use of it, I’ll make an acrylic sound-proof case then have it belt-drive a dynamo to power my desk lamp! That would be an eye candy! :D

cahaya kemilau



Thanks for the amazing video, Jerry! I have a question about the bishops for you. You said that the exchange of light square bishops prefers Black earlier on. Did you mean in the middlegame? Doesn't the exchange weaken the d-pawn for Black in the endgame?

Logan GD

Laser beam

ali arshad

Do you sale this


vari vari goub

Zack Brackeen

Use acrylic sheet, 1/16th of an inch thick. Spray with mold release and it will pop off with a thin wall mud knife (more like a narrow flat blade with a handle) hope this helps! Also, you can use a round plastic tub of sorts and tap, gently, with a rubber mallet and it will pop out without using mold release. Then it upside down and tap the bottom, if you havent poured it all the way to the top, it should release and pop right out onto the table


The king can attack a queen if she gets too close without backup


haha LTT fans raped the server with a cluster fuck of dildos!

Alishbah Ka Kitchen

Hobnob ka jo chocolate ball hota hai us ki recipe chiaye

Thanasis Pliatsikas

What type of pawns are these?

Steven Simard

Alot of people are good at one thing or another, I'm of the opinion that Uri is good at everything.

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