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KSR Live Show | Mukesh Ambani meets AP CM YS Jagan, discusses investments - 1st March 2020

Very stupid cameramen, jus stay focus ur fucking camera !Very thanks for ur tips.These look great.3 minutes of life wasted.The work was perfect until 8:31."In unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people"You missed such a big opportunity there.What I want to know is how to beat Morphy style tactics (sac a piece, check you almost every move,.

Hey, use the 13 k to buy yourself a 13 k TV!Off topic 1:56 LOOK AT THE BACK OF THAT BEEFY GUYS NECK!Looked on as too tame nowadays.You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix.Wait they played a 4 hour game of Chess?I knocked off an NM rated player with one of these.Sir 'stalemate' ante cheppara please.

The animation made my day.Would you use any kind of fasteners as the cutting board gets thicker or largerheavier etc?That tip about cutting with miter saw and moving the trip in a few tines was gold.Loved the project.I like this video.

That's like taking off

That's like taking off

There are about 300 Active planets in seven universes.How many of you guys know the definition of ZOZO in Haitian creole Drop a like.Pick up great tips.That's a beautiful cutting board.I think that sawing plywood creates harmful dust due to the bonding glue maybe?Mark it somehow, so you know which side you should put the saw on.What's wrong with the commentator?I was thinking the other day that I'm not really good at finding plans in the middle game, this is just the sort of thing I've been looking for!Why is the background (ocean water) ignored?

Fondly, enjoyed your channel.

Fondly, enjoyed your channel.

Killthecameraguy :.Watch this space.My healthbar doesnt go down every damage its completely goes down at 0.2:04 thats not nice 1200 quite the player.UhARE YOUYesThere isNOOOONot a tax for that.Great videos, agadmator!IN THE VIDEO THE STARTING POSITIONS ARE WKH8 BKA3 WPC3 BPH5(0:57)WHITE'S FIRST MOVE IS KH8-KG7 THEN IF BLACK PLAYED KA3-KB3 IN THIS SCENARIO WHITE HAS NO CHANCES OF GETTING A DRAW SO IS A WIN FOR BLACK.Please add more save points if you do this again.

GJChess at 9:21 what

GJChess at 9:21 what

21:10 I saw a shadow of a baby crawling behind the guy who said "can u say James".Way to go starting conspiracy theories about armageddon great video.Full 100 Endgames You Must Know course (with Magnus Basic Test added!Probably the latter frequency, (same as all AM broadcast radios), was picked to save money inventing parts!That was when I had a bit more time in my life.After Fischer, you gotta do Karpov.

When are you going to crush GingerGM again?57:54 "AS KARPOV WOULD LIKE TO SAYY.And to have a couple different changes to it.Most of us are just thinking about not losing important pieces.It wasn't done by chess statistics kind of play.Ippudu online lo PEARALVINE ane app vachindi dantli chala mandi join avvala leda true na fake aa ani Confucian lo unnaru plz dani gurinchi oka vedio plzzzzzz brother.

Nobody bring queen so early.

Nobody bring queen so early.

In my honest opinion.Tal and Carlsen have different styles.Dyrroth is Worth it to buy, I promise.When i read the title i was like "oh my god" what am i going to see?EDIT - btw i play 15 5 u can too if u are beginning but whatever works for you.If you don't mind me asking, what do you call the machines at 0:45 0:53 and 07:53 or anyone that knows feel free to reply.

Makayla Sagers

I know how to use those kind of phones

tere bin

the first 9 end intop the second nine in the middle and the third nine at the bottom

Morgan Freeman's favorite freckle

Ugh his autistic rambling is infuriating


I m little late here

Chamille Mendez

track list please...


That was the game of tournament

Geoffroy MB

He looks a bit like Prismo from Adventure Time.

Nyasha Mhuru

Which rules are they using? Sorry


Lmao, I had cubic ninja way back in 2012 lmao


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