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La Apertura Italiana en 15 minutos

") I understand it is analogy, but could this not be done after the game is played?It's on even when you wake up off a nightmare or to pee!Glad you saved this beautiful piece of furniture from some egg heads paint over nightmare.Gotti 3-0 clear body.I really would like to stay positive here, but i would like to encourage the sir to not come up with his own terms of "combinations", if he is not able to differ betwen terms like strat and tac.The brandy in the water, really puts things into perspective of how bad drinking water can turn in the seas.Now I can pretend I have a dad.Yes, black can take the c2-bishop, but he had to give up his knight to do so, making it a straight minor piece exchange.

Both lies between waTer7.

Both lies between waTer7.

At first I memorized the game on chessable, and now once again you give the opportunity to enjoy the game in the your home cozy environment :).Why we need to avoid this problem?Oh no it’s Pi 6 wow, this is insanelly close : it’s a dimension an old era used !Ever since Firouzja complained about his deserved loss to Carlsen, I’ve been enjoying watching him lose :).Pretty interesting setup!Nh2 %clk 0:14:37 g5 %clk 0:14:38 9.You don’t see other sport people care so much about their rating.11:00 are we not gonna talk about this?Interesting chess moves,for sure!

They obviously cool with each

They obviously cool with each

Code quality with maybe 5% comments sucks.Robert Downy Syndrome indeed.How do you not lag when you record how do you make your thumbnail please make a video.Looking at "agadmator" - "agad" in Filipino means "immediately".Feel like Jason Shadrick is kinda dick.

Media: The establishment is not trying

Media: The establishment is not trying

THIS IS Kevin from the chesswebsiteDOTCOM.Your carving is so good but your joinery just lets it down a bit.Contact heatherfrx on Instagram or mail her on heatherforextradergmail.He did, that's the joke.I love the way in which you calmly explain everything!PUZZLE ME BUZZLE.

What software are you using in the lectures?Like for donald.Maam vanilla Ascnce available na o to?Laking aral sakin to Kung paano ko palalakihin ng maayos mga anak ko lalo na puro lalaki.Also what paint is the hardware and box.The one on steam looks great, reviews said it's full of bugs and not to buy :(.David Letterman of woodworking, lol!

Very informative.The most major thing you missed was the attack moves those pieces have when they take other pieces.Also, those novels about Kirk's return are absolutely fantastic.Prof stankova gives me biiiiiggggpatti lupone energy in like every way.I hope his asshole blew out before he died and the pain was like giving birth.

Min Yun Hui

lmao why am i herei dont even remember how to play chess

Chaotic Good

The light is half way on at infinity. At that point it cant go any faster.


Really good job

Sharath Pujar

38:40 what a BOSS

Kondoh Noboru

Great workmanship! The hue is good.


For the credit card knife wont it break the card

Jose D. Rojas

Sounds like my first phone modem

Arpit Dhamija

my snake size is not increasing , pls someone help

Luis Zerbinati

Hey, thanks for this incredible video. Im a Quality Engineer and Im really impressed with all the quality controls and automated procedures implemented in the factory to be accurate and protect customer from production mistakes. But the must important is definitely the tracking and whole producing traceability that creates all necessary capability to take corrective actions and improve the customer satisfaction. This is really awesome! Im sure my next 3D printing will be a Prusa model. I really regret that I have just bought a model from other company. Thank you so much for sharing!


It's improper to make a knight tour vid without mentioning the great George Koltanowski.

Soham Samaddar

Everyone talking about Minecraft, but has no one played "Little Big Planet" here?


You should try making the windmill animation from 3B1B's newest video, that would be really neat.


I realised the method I had to use, but was too lazy to think it through after I got to the part that bob must see at least 4 trees, so I just saw the video

Chris Fayte

These tricks are awesome pal, thank you so much for sharing these.

Yeeshu Srivastava

Why no one is appreciating the thumbnail?Its incredible!


35:32 what about play Qd4 ??

The Ghost of Mr P

I came in robs mom 4x but mostly in her asshole


Chris, you should turn off the "Hardware Acceleration" on you browser.It improved the game performance (the annoying slow drag of pieces) on for me :-). even has a page that has directions on how to turn it off for Chrome/Firefox/etc.




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