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LA RESISTENCIA - Entrevista a Javier Cansado | #LaResistencia 13.06.2018

8:53 I mean this really isn’t the samurai’s fault, the people running this tournament should’ve researched the abilities of the fighters they were bringing to it and put up some sort of barrier to protect the audience but hey unexpected conclusion is unexpected.Ye he didn't exactly reunited Greece more like conquered.What's happened?You should have a shirt called new discoveries.

"Wooooow, unnecessary -- let's go for it.Eugene’s love for Claire and BA made me love him even more.Probably best would be 5 2 so that the viewers get to see crazy time scrambles.It just depends on where the traffic goes.Steven is the most like able person in the world.

Agad looking like an American firefighter in this video.Remember if you are better at any thing theres a asian better than you.Jangan lupa subcreb channel bang adit juga hehehe!" --Auguste Escoffier quotes.I ask because my mother-in-law routinely uses mineral oil on all her wood cutting boards once a month.

People who play chess are shown to have

People who play chess are shown to have

Being down a rook doesn't matter if the opponent's queen can't move!Ye Always blame Loki u diks.Next tutorial: cooking crack on a budget with your new Arizona stove.And yes we can learn.Also, I'm not a fan of the iceberg light.Thank you so much please stay connected new friend you sub.Why would someone open up the king side?

It is a fact of life that the exact sciences and the technologies that are based upon them, have had a far more significant impact on our lives, than have the social sciences, such as psychology.All these people amazed that a CEO knows his business, in my Company, the CEO is the go to person for all the most technical challenging questions, and the last company I ran (when I was the CEO) it was the same.It's crazy that our forefathers of America got their hands on one tool and that tool made another.What cabbage haha.Step 4 : The program must know the distance of each pixel from the view and planes of pixels that are further away are narrowed on both axis along the vanishing point lines.Earlier in this game to not play b5 didn't make any sense at all and the whole series of games comes across as incredibly lazy, not being bothered to analyse positions deeply.What a little jerk, I'd happily kick sand in his face.I am the chosen one.

Deborah Martin

My grandson just got a Zelda chess set. Also loves to draw so excited to tell him about this!

Jinay Jogani

Thanks sir!

Josh Harding

Great demo of physics and science

Neo Hermitess

I could watch Ned draw for hours. Please make" Ned Draws" a thing! The drama and angst he brings is engrossing

Benja P

2nd because Jonathan cheats and comments first on his own videos... :v

Flop Flip

Pretty good 3D rendering for a 1988 game

Such Fallout4

Wow. Incredible skills. Never thought to do it backwards :o

Rick Henderson

I didn't predict correctly any move by Tal in this game lol!



Art K

29:41 I just lost it



luke duncan

Great work!I think it would be interesting to replace at least one of the original white LED's with an ultra-violet (black light) LED to make the glow powder more visible.

Maelstrum yes

Seriously Idk how Apple gets to Milk this much money from Sheeps


The last time I saw a game with five Queens, someone got shot for cheating on a poker hand.

Anon Anon

The passion, you can see it in his eyes when he explains mathematics. This is a person who loves conversing with the universe.

Heb Crni

i started playing chess couple of days ago and today i saw this chanell recomended for me ! Pretty cool,thanks !


I think observation of chess is a good way to improve. for example, capablanca watched his father play and maybe this played a part in his chess strength. but i think observing instead of studying is a long term improvement scheme which may take years instead of months.

joneerose santos

The guy made a mistake


Hi all, Do you think it is useful to have a link to the Nakamura playlist bottom right here ?!

Timothy S. Park

the smallest virus is 0.4 microns, so I would say that it is fine to drink anything out of the lifestraw

caseymor 13

Good video good job


to paraphrase the great ron burgundy, the ending escalated quickly.


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