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Largest Square of 1's in A Matrix (Dynamic Programming)

I'm not a graphic designer and this is very enlightening.That the mandingo of cutters.Why is this the case?Love the hairdo.

Sounds like he's out of

Sounds like he's out of

You peel her son of your reputed mother gringa das disgusting moron hopefully they stick a stick in your ass and leave it wide open.I love zach's laugh so contagious.How will I thnk u I dont know.Teesing also has a good "type of thread guide".I always knew these small parts were being produced.11:46 cho mnh hi sao bn en ko i M ln E5 n tt.Nice trick use full.Could you tell me what you used?63 peeps are goofy.

You Are Amazing.Lots of love from India.Also, my computer engineering background gives me the following insight: I get the sense that 0xTools is probably pronounced Hex Tools, because programming jokes.Thank you very much for this vidio.I like that crystal shape.Habibi my frrrriend.:( Thanks for the videos!Make desinfection with Vodka,Jack Daniels.We mere peasants need free alternatives!54:11 Geeks Mind: Im gonna spank the shit out of this carl!

31:07 why does

31:07 why does

Like your job dude.What is the difference between language immersion (which you shouldn't do) and brain soaking (which you should do)?I loved the boards.Love the way his mind works.Nf3 instead of 1.Wow very nice skilled man.

It was "half a mil".

It was "half a mil".

You have no idea how many people this video is going to help!9:52 the second time VT was brought up on a podcast while I was there and neither mentions have been positive.Such a Great Video!Legal matini yiyende satranc biliom demesin.I found the last problem in less than 3 min how much is it ranked?Hey you guys should cut open Ninjas gaming mouse.Anyway good video!


Dude you gotta do something about the camera. It's becoming an meme. Haha...

kla creator


Johnny Piccone

Ben Finegold sounds and acts like Teddy from Bob's Burgers!


6:54 "A knife on f5"

Vancha March

Magnus is the Shikamaru of chess

YouTube Pill

He is trying too hard. Look at him... He can bearly breath at the end... so annoying.What a useless video

Little Blue

I hate running out of screws especially when you're in the middle of a project or glueing!!! Clamps are another BIG pain as far as not having enough or even not big enough clamps!!!! I'm sure everyone has had their bad times in running out of supplies.

Paolo Maruotti

amazing work!


How is this even possible. Most 8 year olds don't even have thevmental capacity of thinking about what is a good move lol


Bobby Fischer was like an unstoppable tree dozer in that game! It's amazing how he was ready to sacrifice so many pawns and an exchange, if needed, to get to that king!Feels like the match started with a middlegame right off the bat, such a sharp position! Thanks for this game, Jerry!

oye meriya let's go to walk Channel

Last move me knight f6 kar sakte naa?


Love your videos. But I was wondering, what do you with all those metal shavings?

Promethian Projects

If you heat up the Purple Heart it will become more vibrant

Mandy Paul


Daniel DiazBarra

Thank you..

Hanock Hanock


Neshika Mr

Bro sema na ipo try pannittu irukn

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