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Las Vegas Bread Pudding! (Use Potato Bread)

Thanks for the info.What kind of Sandpaper, does it last?Yeaaaahh ananddddd.Note: U could use various black powders to fill the epoxy.Im thinking about getting rid of the color wheel and replacing the light bulb with a laser pointer.Lmao ben is so salty about Trump.Well i hate it when dyrroth is banned.I chuckled to myself when you showed the "proper" splice with the butterfly scotch.

I paused the video 28:40 trying to solve your puzzle.AMAZING OPENING KNOWLEDGE!Vn 2 nc th 18 sao anh ko a xe ra a1 bt hu.For me Tal,Alekhine and Fischer are the best of all times.

And I'm a New York nigga!Does the winner get money?37,If black goes Kg7 then Nxe8 with another forced move.PS: Eye Opening.Both techniques are focusing on the center, but in a different strategic way.Fourth iteration is called the first because it is the first one that looks dragony.Also this is such a GORGEOUS cake room!

Thanks for Your instructive videos.Seems like big vlad didn't take it seriously, in a, way he seems to just have fun over the board since he came back.Why the continuous f bombs?Why not just use a small, portable twig-burning folding (or Solo-branded) stove designed for camping?Latvian Gambit game 4:.I am 58, and love this channel!Mi pap me oblig a ver esto.Now just explain the physics of that gun that's portrayed at 12:41 that shoots not only the bullet, but the entire intact cartridge, rim and all.

I would like to suggest

I would like to suggest

You should search YouTube for 'engels coach shop steam bending'."Clearly a fairly good player" about someone ranked 3007.My friends in the library : Surprised Pikachu Meme.And the black leather jacket had an eagle on the back.This is a SPACESHIP that will take you to another GALAXY.Is one of my favorite moves ever!Very nice piece congratulations!

Al Sweigart is a great author if you want to learn python from his books.16:06 Where do I send my money?It’s a great system.Thanks that was very useful.Fascinating video.Brand new again back from the dead.

Que disciplina es esta?

Que disciplina es esta?

He is playing almost without effort but is really working HARD.Can you show us the match between karpov and korchnoi in 1978?How is it instructive?What is the Magnus effect?Agadmator - Agadmator or anyone, at mark 6:45, why does the queen not take pawn c7?

I work for walmart.

I work for walmart.

Thanks for covering this!And that blue color swirlsmoke pattern in the epoxy is the absolute best!Magnus got over confident.Excellent comprehensive study.4:57 why am I still alive.We call the bishop coin as elephant,rook as chariot and knight as horse.Honestly I don't know.Also see Bloxygen Videos at.With all these turn-key systems of developing websites.Please let me know if I am wrong I love positions like theses.

Yahia Boudiba

Beaux travail monsieur c'est tu peux nous donner les mesures merci et bonne continuation

Nongthombam Landson

how it possible in level 2 lunox is available ulti how ...?????

william bondie

Learned this stuff and how to build a 5-tube superhet bare-chassis in high school in the 60s.Who remembers the 60s, when kids actually learned useful stuff in school? I was an electrical geek from the time I could hook a light bulb to a dry cell. Put myself through electronics trade school and eventually became an electronics tech, trainer, and inventor. It's great to refresh my memory of the days of tubes and condensers. My highest tech work consisted of combiningTTLlogic chips (gates, inverters, flip-flops, timers, and buffers) to make cool and profitable stuff. Then I went on to teach myself PLC programming. Now I'm retired and I fool around with Arduino. I wish that had been around when I was working.

Zed Macapagao

9:12 what if bishop takes on g7 pawn and then bishop takes horse possibly mate isnt it better?


I loved watching this video. It clearly explained how basic logic gates work, in an enjoyable way.


This is what happens when the FBI says all serial killers are white males. They let him get away with these murders.

Tushar Gupta

Mikhail tal is the best


This is horrific but she's smart

Danil P

How many coats of poly did you use and total waiting time for the finish to cure? And is it a waterborne poly?

Randy Stekly

I love it. Thank you for posting!

Ethan Schlosser

Push ponds not drugs

Jessabel Enot

Ang lupit ng storya nla,daming luha ko sakakaiyak. Da bestmga idol ko ritz asul at joseph marco. Galing nyo po more project to come.

A Baller

Some plastic laminate on the section where the plane rides works well/less friction and can be replaced if/when necessary.

manjil Kumar

Qe7 ge7 2 Ne7 (intermediate movefork)

Sky Walker



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