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LC0 - Install In Arena

Whoever edited this sucks.Now think of it this way, this is a great example of how The Lord creates us, shapes us to become His Masterpiece.I have many leather biund books.We were so enthralled, we didn't even notice, how long the vid actually was,.Reminds me of the shoe department at academy on tax-free back to school weekend, lol.) and the joys I had was listening to the Batchelor’s Marta’ on 8 track.On a serious note, ear plugsdefenders!Let them have their feast!

Damn, this was epic.Jorge Luis Lameira Lameira.Civilized wolf don't eat on a boat.That's it for the moment, and as always, thanks for watching.Attacking is not the same as taking.There is something to be said about the slow calculated studied momentum of chess vs the quick calculated reflexive momentum of a fight and war which has features of both.

Maybe somebody bought the place?The accent of a poor person.El gambito Halloween es mi favorito.Everything work just fine except there is always one white (little) square at the bottom left corner.Good questions, good body language and she was also very well prepared.Is the comments person are russian ?Penghancur barisan lawan.Not to second guess you but why did you wait until after assembly to rabbet the bottom?We love our great President God Bless America.

Thank you for posting this!Probably 30 games or so total.lack of cochones haha.I am more and more moved to get a planer!Who can make such moves?Lol, you guys really censor the word "trump" that's awesome.Sooooo all this fuss to save time of just another more attempt.Publix bakery could never.

German Bobby Fischer

German Bobby Fischer

Tal said he often would play by hand in some attacks.Ooooomg thxxxx broo.The subtitles lmao.The person who witnessed the kidnapping and reported it was a hero.She look beautiful if I'm the one I will used it for degin inside my sitting room.REMY MA IS LOOKING LIKE THE JUICIEST SNACK.

I love Tal nobody is or can

I love Tal nobody is or can

It is even acknowledged in dialogue that under normal circumstances that all Klingon ship would be no match for the Enterprise.Isn't it difficult to learn all the tactics.It will be exposed to water frequently you know!25 and still hit pause.This is so mind boggling and so alternately incredible!Breathe through your left nostril and make sure your watching the entire board.I guess Morphy may play Nh7-g5.Never knew the chess could be this intense.I thought only bad channels posted parents playing their kids, well I was wrong.At 20:21 I figured all these ways to mate, but none of them do it in 6 moves.

And I'm pretty sure it

And I'm pretty sure it

Unless you plan on building a mansion with slime and a shop, just do a single chunk.I will give a few seconds to enjoy this position lol.Can They Tell Us AboutTHE MEDICAL HISTORIES OF THE VICTIMS?Glad to see you putting out more crazy house games!They both like drawing so much they must be excellent artists.What about that doctor who was killing his elderly patients?Am I the only one that does this?His brain is amazing.The great secret of education is to direct vanity to proper objectsDefense is superior to opulence.Love the commentary along the way too.

Wessel Zapffe

Smyslov Giri?


Yeah! really good job dude

Benny Calvert

Hello everyone and in this position i hope we all have a nice day


Your anonymous friend has the best chess quote i've ever read. And i'm the type of obsessive weirdo who reads them all on the chessgames data base.edit: and i didn't even notice the typo. It's still a great quote.

Mark G

wax on wax off:D

North Guy

Wasn't that Woody Harrison on the click bait?

I have approximate knowledge of many things

It's the game mode, you can easily switch to the classic chess.


Blah blah blah blah,blah blah blah .........

Autumn Bailey

when you were laughing in the fort his eyes were red look closley

Jose Ramrez

Error las negras no podan enrocar porq el alfil delas blancas estaban con rayo laser

Green Tornado

I really like how you explain things in the post-mortem, explaining how the Knight on c3 is misplaced and how the g2 Bishop would have been "bad" had you played dxe4. As an amateur, things like that really help me to improve my understanding of chess, so your explanations are invaluable to an amateur like me. Knowing that you are self-taught encourages me to get my act together and try to achieve at least a 2000 rating mark.Keep up the fantastic work! XD

manuel santiago

Vidit reject the draw the previous round .so is hid undoing.

Random Raid

He looks like young Jimmy white ... Legendary snooker player

Jukoda Budimam

Who win?


Ben finegold = Condescending

Mr. Lightning Man

In the Queen takes variation Carlsen would have to waste a move moving his pawn so he can move his rook in fear of getting back ranked

Chris Barr

I used to record American top 40 to VHS to listen to through the week

Gavin Burns

Probably the game was for money and these guys dont like losing.I have seen videos of hustlers vs chess masters before and they always try and cheat when they are losing.Not used to losing money on games.

Rohit Negi

Yeah man, we really need suchAs sometimes we really depart to the end with such cases but never win cause we dont know how to


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