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Learn chess easily !! 10 मिनिट में शतरंज खेलना सीखिए !!

G Herbo AND Lil Baby dropped and they ain’t talking bout it?Things got crazy at the end.That is built to last:-).

One of the rarest analysis of basic positional theories.But thats not repairable in case the LED's or wire go bad later ?Your explanation of moves left a great mark on my improvement in the game.What finish are you going to use?Sorry for my English -).Nepo playing so bad at the opening.

Gonna try this out.Such a well done tech video on virtualization!This is pure brilliance!A great shot in the arm for US Chess.More challengeging.And ridiculous theories?But that thing-looks at the chess position.Ok, one pet peeve on your video.I love you, seriously (nohomo).

What's the underlying meaning, "If I did have that obsession, then just imagine how good I'd really be.Please Sir find all games of mikhail Tal.It threatens the queen if it's taken.Never got it to work yet, but it would.Sorry i had no card or something to buy courses from UDEMY.Is it the San Rafael Home Depot?I would need ear plugs to play against him.I enjoyed this presentation very much.Becuase it's your natural born talent, your intuition.

When that 28:04 hit my heart awoke

When that 28:04 hit my heart awoke

I have 50k pop with 88% traffic.In thoery, carlsen should be higher now?"    the best kind of job you can have.Okay but like, English please?It’s truly magical.They truly show us how insignificant we are as the human species.I’m new to chess theory so I’m sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question, but why isn’t white knight to C4 at 16:44 considered?

Two Hoodie-Guy :-O Agadmator VS.Now make it playable against an AI.Monyistbitu95 Search for my video on YouTube "10 Ways to Improve Your Chess" :).I noticed your brushes )Good choice in music.This was pure, relentless punishment.Hikaru is a beast at online chess.I always knew the totoro main song sounded similar.His dad and his uncle say : no its impossible mijal u dont know the rules !You have a soothing voice.

17 over, 9 more to

17 over, 9 more to

Everyone bought a VHS machine, hands down, no questions asked!Don't dump it's for what it's notgood work brother.They are only on here for the numbers and subs.Humble question: Why didnt he check with the white knight at c7?When looking at the interplay of chess personalities and second guessing the average opinions are too glib.Moe voice is not the same.Power tools are ALWAYS hungry, and they do not care if you scream.%All that to see who gets white then the other team gets it, an it's a complete disaster!I don't know if it is grammatically incorrect to say 10 hundred and even if it is I am not sure it really matters since grammar itself is a regional construct.Someone likes there EA-40 lol.

Doesn't make you any less

Doesn't make you any less

You are a craftsman.Or like another comment pointed out e0-10.Can I use this music to make an advertisement for my dad's company on Facebook?I once peened a spring like that into 2 inch wide blade, didnt even think id be able to spread it that thin and wide.And that's just the video, let alone the project itself.

Benjamin Adebowale

dont be stupid

Vishaal govind

Tons of applauses to you bro... Great work.

Mauviva 2019

U notice the older cartoons actually thought about it lmao

sxlty pxtato

Making this today! I will edit to tell you how it works out.

Wild Angel0317

I just found this guy and his videos and holy hell the shit some people do and have done... I can’t imagine how these people are so fucked that they do this stuff and exist every day in public and all even interviewed by police etc to evade capture until something stupid gets them caught! I thought me hating the feeling of yarn was insane but I’m alright

Matas G. Llapur

Even though I've subscribed some time ago, I'm just catching up with the videos since they are quite lenghty (not complaining at all!). I loved your spoken outcome of this one. The cool thing about having all this documented is that your customers can check your work an even pick one of these as an example of what they want to be done, even with modifications. This is sort of documenting what you've done and it's a must do for guys like me (IT people). Great work!

Tufan Kilinc

Beautiful cutting board and beautiful hands.

Anh Huy - Speedcuber

a chi c vua bao lu r

Noobmaster 69

6:02 noice

Mikhail Arey

So absurd it’s cool.

Miscellaneous Games

Nice Music its Take Me to The Past The Golden Age :)

Calvin G

Why is this in my recommended i dont even play chess lol but watched it thru the end tho

Marco Tabares



21:00 is a method found in Dvoretsky's endgame manual!

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