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Thanks for streaming Hikaru and thanks to whoever uploaded this to Youtube.The first word is now ready (Hnefatafl is a composite word: ' hnefa' and 'tafl', or 'Fist's-Chess'.And Thank You for doing this video!Or the average person?Nxe5 1-0suggestion.Metal is unyielding and cold.I just setup and calibrated my saw for some upcoming cuts and was trying to figure out how to use it.Fantastic presentation and lesson on the home lab!

Bloody hell why does

Bloody hell why does

I'm struggling still and I'm at a crazy junction of cross roads that goes in so many directions sometimes I just close my eye's and guess.Phongvu1996gmail.Great commentary here.From comments Twork got 30 pieced!Looks fab Shaun really finishes of lovely job well done love your videos can not wait for the next 1.I don't have tik tok.Molre informartion at the start would have been a big help.This might sound really stupid, but I needed to ask.Mk sx phn tch vn u cc bn hiu r hn.For a moment there I thought Norman Jewison (1968 Thomas Crown Affair) took over production of your video.

I think that inthe future

I think that inthe future

Whether he wins or not is not important.So I hardly ever comment, but I feel obligated to say how annoying and overbearing that rensch guy is.What are the dimensions of the board?26:30 if you flip your screen at the correct angle, you can see a reference to the American Revolutionary War video via a map of Colonial America.Amazing attitude.Thanks to Zac for helping us learn!

3 headed dragon 666.This it's not working dude.Do a new video with Omar, Patty!Pretty sure they went to africa to colonize them but okke.Richard in Normandy.If only you'd been my shop teacher in uni, I wouldn't have dropped the class in the first week.

I  found the "Killah Move" and I didn't even have to pause the video!Well, technically he's John culp, but he married my mom whose last name is williams.Your work is remarkable and your children are beautiful!(And I can't wait to try this on my fountain pen nibs.Also - THANK YOU for the free push stick template!If the real Titanic were sailing, there would never be a case where every single light was on at the same time, probably a random percentage (60-75%) depending of course on time of day.Can you make one exactly like this with a game from the candidates?The most hilarious class ive ever had.HOW TO PLAY CHINESE CHESS AND JAPANESE DO YOU HAVE A VIDEO PORFAAAA.

Who else saw her smile when pretending to sleep in number 1.Any way to deactivate that super annoying Russian in the background?Let's go with half way between.The one I purchased is sitting on my counter work space next to the sink and it looks even better "live and in person" than either in pictures or on video.And especially when you translate the word for many languages including the Arabic.Cheers in advance.That was the game of tournament.How come the title says "Scary Shart" yet he never crapped his pants.At the beginning of the video (and some moments in the main bulk) you sounded like a valley girl.Red got killed, then acted like he didn't take it serious, but asked to be on the card twork hung himself, and geechi treated his hanging corpse like a pinata.

The moment it comes out, it stops working :.Looks like I'm on the right side of Youtube, I wanna give a huge THANK YOU for the artists who make this kinda music.Mamma mia, here I go again !Not much, but something that adds an extra line.No wonder it got forgotten.Ad c i kin tng ko.

Karl Pearson

It's been years since I welded. But, being, as my oldest grand daughter says, a bit of a goofball, I bought a small welder recently, and have fixed a handrail with it so far, and that's about it. I'm now recovering from open-heart surgery (not related to the welder) but hope to do more welding soon. Being a computer nerd and old now, I don't know how much I'll get. Me getting one, however, inspired one of my sons to pick up a better welder than I got. Now with that background, here's my point (yeah, I'm full of it):I wasn't going to watch this video. It looked like something I really won't ever need. Ever. But, frankly, this was one of my favorite This Old Tony videos, and I loved it. it was fascinating from start to finish, and I'm talking about more than just Tony's dry wit, which I love. I grew up with a brother with that type of humor. He's a rocket scientist -- one of the best in the world -- now retired from designing external booster motors for the space shuttle. He does stuff now like detect microscopic cracks in rebuilt Apache Helicopter rotors for the military. That's his hobby, but he makes a boatload of money doing it. He invented the machine that does it after buying a ground radar system for fun, then designing better antennas so it sees things in the earth differently. He hires that system out to universities to help with archeological digs.... Thanks for making a great set of videos that my wife even enjoys, though she understands almost nothing of the content.Long-winded I am. A computer geek I am having used nothing but Linux for the better part of the past 25 years.

Victor Ulha


memes okay

You are stupidity

Arthit Punpinij

There was a typhoon when I watch this video... Is this a coinsidence or not


Dude 11:24 we can see your face .viewers try to slow the playback speed in settings to.25 and see his face 11:24 the minutes

James Armstrong

Your opponents were simply totally brainless idiots.

Charlie Fairbairn

Love it!!

Richard Walters

Not only is there good information in ALL these videos, I really appreciate the TIME spent on the video editing !!! :-)

Burr Anderson

Total waste of time

Anthony Ray

See here now this board is what you sit down to when someone is boasting Chess Skillz!Your game is half won because they will be so distracted by the amazing board.-)


jhibbitt1 I Agree the Voldemort in the first film sounded more evil

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