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I am an electronic engineer for many years.And space and time is created.right band wrong song.Back when I drove a cab in Phoenix, I met the creator of the Conley engine and I got to see his shop, it was very impressive.Great tone quality- she really commands the center of each tone, brings out the brilliance of every note.

Omar is always scared.Thought this was pj tucker.The parallaxer for the clouds only works properly in portrait mode, but not in landscape.Honestly, that was really funny.I wonder if he owned the paper clip or if it actually belonged to the office he worked for.

This is something YouTube recommends me at 3am.

This is something YouTube recommends me at 3am.

This is far far too fast for me.This was a FANTASTIC lesson!These men laughing is horrendous.So basically the maker of this game was a genius.Have you done any other videos like this or do you plan on doing more.I discovered it myself on math lessons, I feel so smart.

Siyah ah f6

Siyah ah f6

No "hey guys, wassup' followed by bullshit like in so many YouTube vids.Seems some of Ben's jokes were going over the audiences heads.I wish I could be the IT guy in your shop.(Wildcats had the shortest range of the attack group and for unknown reason had launched first wasting fuel while orbiting the Hornet waiting for the dive bombers and torpedo bombers to launch) The Dauntless dive bombers flew further west for approximately 30 minutes after VF-8 Wildcats turned east to search for the Hornet.In 2:00, while writting the very first code for handler i made 2 mistakes, 1.

Atlor Merjo

Does this guy ever blink

arijit kundu

A new prodigy in the chess firmament.

Gary Jones

"I think it was John Lennon? " blasphemous


Feb 23, 2018

Michael Carnright

Great teaching video!Looks like to me the length of the handle is the radius of the outer curve.That might minimize wrist stress?

Xavier Lamar Torain

Shixt I thought we was running a train


That box can't sit flush... great job...

daniel pardenilla

I solved all puzzles except the second one :)


1:24 That's so funny 'cause it's so true!

Woody Warthen

White queen to h5 for check. Why not black pawn to H5 to capture white queen? Wouldn't that take Kung out of check? Would that be a legal move?

Manny James

So Flip rather listen to J Prince instead of smacking Ti?????

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