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Learn Chess: Using Your King

I'm shattered now.I’m not sure about what is this thing but I like it.1:50 why doesnt black just take the knight with his queen.This you have 4 batteries left with 2 charged and 2 uncharged.What is your username on chess.

But yeah it is a little hard to hear you in this video.Yo JERRY YOU ARE A GREAT TALENT playing too.Bro aapne cheating karli.Not even a challenge.He could offer the rook trade there and threaten the bishop on c6.Thanks for the video, but I would have prefered the sound of the tools or even the screeming of a dying cow over this soundtrack!Seems reasonable that in a friendly game he might have "overlooked" some advantages he may have taken.

Nice Education video!

Nice Education video!

Is he done making 1 video a week now?Thanks for taking the time to read this comment :) Peace Be to you All.Njan oru katta lalettan fan aanu.You can see that artwork in the upper left, but that example is a 10" LP.At 14:45, why doesn't Black simply take the White rook at f7?Why isn't that 1 second?Garnger: 100 lol.

One GM Norm coming up!

One GM Norm coming up!

I am an amateur and that helps me in playing.Idea From The Big Bang Theory?It makes cool noise but I want to know what’s inside to make the noise.Damn it, just missed the deadline on the KS!Your talented and creative.Luar biasa,masih bocah tapi jago main catur,hadir sobb.At 6:05 what would happen if black move king to d8 then c8And by the way, thank you for the amazing game.Ned has beat a pro chess player and now a pro poker player.


hope the kid develops a good strategy, instead of trading pieces all the dam time. This Ain't CHECKERS!

D.J Guzman

Thank you for making this series! I really like seeing the thinking process and ideas in action and the tips are very good!

David Waller

Another great video by Greg.  He's been a huge addition for the channel.  The human did a good job also.  Nice work Shaun.  I love the design of the base.

Anze Wood

Calling 'Chinese Chess ' as 'Go ' is a surprisingly mistake here.GO is a totally different game with nothing related to Chess. 'Chinese chess' instead, would be proper to mention here as a variation of chess, but there's no solid evidence proving that they have the same origin, Chinese history claims that a general invented this game.

Sumner Stuart

Why would you set your son down infront of a crack additct. Hahaha its all good

mailo cambiante

Que bien salieron, por suerte hay traduccin al espaol...

Divyendu Kashyap

You could've trapped James's queen at 47:00 by playing a4 before Nd5.

Matthew Sutton

Saturn v was more powerful than atlas

Marek ajner

Qf7 is also funny

Micah Nightwolf

At 7:17, if black King goes H8 instead of F8, white King to F7 = checkmate.

dcar 430

It’s extremely ironic that Russia doesn’t have the death penalty considering Putin doesn’t hesitate to have opposition political leaders and reporters killed both domestically and abroad!


The best player to live yet vs. the best spanish chess commentator... :D


What is a Guinea? Is it a Pound cent?The world is really taking too long to adopt the metric system.

Hero Dey

How can you think that the tactics are unbreakable?If you can prove that the tactics are unbreakable, I will subscribe your channel.

Jason Barre

Paul Sellers video = awesome.Paul Sellers video in 4K = AWESOME.

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