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learn from classics part-1, Zukertort Vs Steinitz

If rook to e8, rook to e 7 then rook c8, mate in 3.Ta zloben nasmeh.I dont want 50,000 climate change immigrants to come in your first term for free health care.It has its own flaws.Queen to f8 and checkmate.And I never get bored coz its so interesting and funny.That way better and you dont have totrade queens.However, at around hour 2, the author of this video suddenly has a panic attack about all of the bugs he wrote into the code, and then bounces around quickly changing a bunch of things, with a few cryptic comments as to the reason why, and creating even more problems.

Wine Is Came

Wine Is Came

Right-wingers today: "The confederacy wasn't about slavery!Thanks for that.I know most of the rules of chess and I can shave the back of my neck without a mirror.  Interesting line!Dubov is current rapid world champion.At 34:00 why is not taking on g6 not a good idea after he played his queen to e2.

Don’t worry guys you both look old as

Don’t worry guys you both look old as

A quay chi c 4 ngi thng xuyn nha.That's "Hamad International Airport" - Qatar.7:08 "WTF was that Dubov?Well fuck yes if you have Fuck-you money.Ok, let"s face it.

I just realized everytime they make a video like thise they have to download around 3 gb or more just for us!That was the BEST wrap up of the history of Russia in less than 6 minutes I have seen so far!I enjoyed your video though.Thank you for sharing this video.Thanks for any thoughts.Putting the board through the planer after glueing it all together assumes the board is flat after glueing.I'm surprised she is not blonde.If someone did not already know how the Knight moved this tutorial would only confuse them.Comor our channel AwesomeTune 4 You.

"Try DoIIarBrite.Sorry but its takes me some minutes to memorize thr gamebits and traps."I asked Mickael Jackson and he said it doesn't matter, strange responds.Sometimes i like to make a jokes.90 million ppl didnt vote last election and are just waiting to vote for Bernie.Caruana looking like Beaker from the Muppet Show in that photo.Seeing that if f1 rook steps up then white-square bishop is out of play which would open up a nice moe for black-side queen from d7 (assuming queen takes pawn) to g4.Give me more of alekiene please.He looks a bit like Prismo from Adventure Time.

amazon alexa

hey I play at that Cantonese place


1:10 how come he didn't capture the queen yet?


F2 - F8checkmate

Mykyta Kovalenko

Crocodile and bee emoji

Crystal Studios

uuuh.. I don’t think that Diversion Safes are a puzzle..


I bet there is nothing sweeter than the sound of "Yes. Yes! ...NOOO!" to a sicko like Carl.

Mohamed Bajaber

2 years later and now you’re 200k!!! Congratulations

Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En

He's dying of oesophageal cancer right now lol

Santosh Singh pawar

nice video!!!!

Matt Turns

wow! microjig is getting so advanced, they even made a microsteve!

Strong Aingel

Love the graphics in your videos.

Dhananjay Kavoor

Dog transformed...? Lol...


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