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It's one reason Mozart did most of his brilliant work at a young age.It's sounds dope.Hi I like your doing of chess reviews and understand about taste but you should know a bit of history before "liking" to really appreciate those amazing chess sets you have:All these are based on Jaques London design by Nathaniel Cooke and named after Howard Staunton.Hi, very impressive work this is probably the best DIY videoI've ever seen!That's what I also need to have to be a good chess player.Not a dubious move at all."The only easy day was yesterday.

Thanks jerry, I really appreciate you making these videos for us.Can we change the pieces.Do John Bunting, another Aussie serial killer.This is the best chess teacher I've ever seen.2020 FRIST COMMENT.I applied and got hired to a local cnc shop.I watch these videos to make share not getting caught lying.I hope you enjoyed your beer!What if black plays pawn to h6 after knight to g5?

Wich epoxy colurs are used at 1:38?

Wich epoxy colurs are used at 1:38?

Nobody is gonna talk about gens ping.This has affected the efficiency of the rescue efforts, which also contribute to the increasing death toll.Can anyone explain to me what the "Sorry about that" is about?Please keep up the great videos, especially for fighting the Sicilian defense as white.Everybody will be playing chess if she's teaching.Biggest blunder ever for GM's?Well I guess that's sorta what trains are.I don’t think you were wrong.

How are these printers fast?I love to imagine if my motorcycle wheels like this one.At 10:35 why not go to C1 with the white queen?By selling silver to all those sucker's.Bd2, threatening a discovered attack on black's queen, and keeping the bishop on c1-h6 diagonal.22:51 I just played a very similar game against stockfish and it destroyed me XD I was white, and had the exact same idea as Magnus did here but I made a mistake somewhere along the way, and I ended up losing.Thank you Sir, it is as always a pleasure to listening to your explenations!Wtf does this loser kid no about chess?That's amazing,dude!

Wow, that was a great game.I have seen older guys do this with consummate ease - as did you - yet I never seem to achieve the same result, just wandering cuts.Binaural beats for the eyes.This comentator is the BEST.I have been focusing on openings but need to start vining my end-game.Blac said, you live in a parallel universe where everybody is Anwar Jay you foo for that 28:10.Sacrificing a Bishop, and then a Queen.Could you please post a video of how to mate with Bishop and Knight.

Weimar Reichstag

Em rt c cm hng khi xem anh chi !!!!

Ali Nader S Abdulla S Shbar Al Mousawi

3:10 free replay button. Thank me later

Miguel Orrab

mga palahuhog bahog itlog

Richard Milliken

Another really enjoyable, eminently watchable series. Thanks again Dave, for taking the time, making the effort to share your knowledge and skills.


6:09 Im pretty sure Dr Soran asks him about Trilithium to make them think thats the reasen he kidnapped him. So they would be less likely to suspect he manipulated the Visor.

Aundrea Crabtree

I want to know how much he sold it for!! That’s amazing!!

Vikash Mishra

Great game

Dilip Parmar

WC queen could be trapped

Mubeena Begum

It would be nice if there is English subtitles,so that the army who doesn't know Korean like me could also understand .


keep them coming!!!

Nick S

I feel like you’re listening to better music, jamming to Smash mouth while us on YouTube are be subjected to Mariah Carey. I’m confused? Ha Either way this is some hard core Chess happening right here! Thanks Naka

Doug Christianson

it's so good man!

Rixellious Japutra

I know austin evans because he did a vid about "This will kill your computer"


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