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What about teaching chess live, interactively, say on FB Mentions?When I do, rather than developing their own pieces like they're supposed to, my opponents all out attack like no-brain amatuers, and that just results in a low level game of chess.I don't believe in magcians but I believe in magcian from Riga!I just found your videos and love them!

I cant even understand engine evaluations.That's a nice chess board.Lol just got a Kasparov ad!Once you have that setup you will have a perfectly repeatable way to make butt ends of cues.Y which directionif(d "LEFT") snakeX - boxif(d "UP") snakeY - boxif(d "RIGHT") snakeX boxif(d "DOWN") snakeY box if the snake eats the food if(snakeX food.What i do is just stick a straw in the stem of the strawberry and just push it in.He can’t be a true gamer without Mtn Dew.

Nn bnh lun mt cht nhng nc hay hay qui chiu hoc qui chiu trong qui chiu.Qc6 is the best move Ithink.5 % 2"We should have some kind of decimal, with a long line of decimals coming after it".Sec, let me contect magnus.I have to say the presenter is very robust and his presentation, it is very centered in his part of England!Jjdd 30Jc 30Didn’t get 2 see clipsshine cuhz of streamArs 2-1 u could give it 2 top wouldn’t be mad Nitty 2-1Geechi 30.Super movie good message.Also, the maximum of possible clones in the bottom row and leftmost colum is two, so plenty of greenland unfilled.Copper looks good though, but brass and the dark wood would look trick ).He played the Dutch against Jan under that other dudes name.



Another masterpiece!I had to face the truth.Yeah you should lower the volume of the music.The hammering goes so well with the instrumental 12:34.You guys are dead wrong talking about Chess like that, but I love it.Vova Apps Invite Link.A slight taste of WD40, hmmm, makes that espresso slide down easily, grin.I'm a 2050 FIDE player.Wellwere I'm at there is 80 cm of snow.

14:40 why not Nxd2?Why do they cost 1k?The V2000 cassette doesn't look familiar but my memory is unclear, maybe it was a VCR?5:18 My brain during a math test.This has been by far the most emotional game of chess i've followed on your channel ahahThank you very much again and keep up with the great content,im a big fan of your work!

Commentors: sweats nervously.

Commentors: sweats nervously.

Thanks, Jiujitsu.Congratulations to Jen, Yasser and Maurice!Could you make a bomb with thermite because the fuel and oxidizer are already in the mixture and if you put it in a confined space would it explode or just slowly increase pressure.There is often this glitch.I fix my car the same way.Great project though.Die twee is vergatlik.This beautifu8l machine is far to close to a very scary fire hazard.Looks like a wooden replica of a long-forgotten ancient technology.

Jerry Poston

Exactly why we love you Jerry...

raque 7764

You weren't born a lesbian, you choose to see the clip of this music video when Shakira and Rihanna dance against the wall when you were 11 and it was all down hill from there

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Brian D

Hallow marra, just found your channel. Great videos. Brian D.

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I am hooked on the Paul Morphy saga


I researched the pendulum and its moving counter clockwise which that means no or negative.


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