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Learn to Play Chess - Two Rook Mate | Kids Academy

And ya know with the holidays coming up, I even like the color.Una meraviglia complimenti.Me personally I would rather build something constructive that would last and give me joy more than ones.Won the match by making an illegal move.Hey sen 2:00 da veziri sahin onune gesen matti.Maybe this is the best black line?Pro game play videos from brawl stars that will be a great sirious.

You have created a piece of art!You said that was your first bandsaw cut.3 Volts of power?Ad danh voi may tinh lv10 co thang duoc khong?11:31Josuke from part 8 would be proud.I wouldn't consider this as the most beautiful chess set though it is one of the very nice ones out there.Can anyone explain why im getting stalemate draws when i have rook, bishop, and queen endgame only 38 moves in?Why's there only 5 people in the room?

What a brilliant move.Are doing great mind exercises.Special request : Pls hire Eric.WM How do you call that machine at 2:03 and how much does it cost ?Excellent analysis.Any one from free fire.Belial's "council is to condemn and convict", so the Qumran feel strongly that their people are not only aware of his purpose, but also equipped to combat his influence (1Q3313:11).That’s not the smallest cell phone.The Russian police are a lot like the American police.

Dear god, please protect the

Dear god, please protect the

And its check and mate.Take note that Eric Laithwaite didn't really get involved with magnets or gyroscopes until he met with Professor John Searl.What would you have played if white had just carried on playing Nb1-Nd2-Nb1 instead of b4?Ugh how did I get 4 wrong?What a ridiculous game.I don't like it when the guys with swords kill somebody by stabbing them then take the sword out and no blood.This is failed grandmaster.Generic webcam comment.Why bandsaw the maple strips instead of table-saw them?3:26:50 Sofa King lol.

Shaun, brilliant tip.

Shaun, brilliant tip.

It's those 10% of moves which are the killers.Can see no corners are cut.Be that as it may, phrases like 'I could play it and hope he doesn't see it' are not the sort of things lesser mortals like myself expect to hear from master level players, especially since you guys are always telling your students to always expect your opponent to play the best move you can see for them!3d printing isn’t a misnomer you doink.Geetchi same shit bars.Great video patty still a creepy house.Becoz i dont want jam in it.This is sharp, but that's why I'm interested in taking on this and the Chigorin.

Edit: I love

Edit: I love

Makes since why they’re so expensive now.I'm glad to be here for day 1, keep more coming.Iinonm ka nlang ng maraming tubig.Murders the globe abound, but as frequent as that?Is it just me or were they both playing poorly?Hello, how many playwoods did you used to make the curved part?Nice dynamic pressure by topa.I feel bad for eugene.13:47 what - the hell - is that?

Breathe man you sound like

Breathe man you sound like

Is she the red woman from ''Walk like an Egyptian''?Please add Pozi drive to the video as the preferred screw head for 21st century.Cant take you seriously with that ryobi, hot garbage just like this video.- with g6 black have to give up because he can't move anymore.While I enjoy your reviews on dash cams, this is a nice change of pace, and you're getting better at the repair too!That is stunning although mind bending'ly complicated at this hour of the day.That's awesome.That was actually amazing xD!That is perfect.But i forgot the footage.

So coloureds where benefit from apartheid R700.Lil Flip didn't age at all.How do I know those guitar players were CGI?Random question but what lock is that?Jumping to part 2 right now.Your dog's face.Wow giving up the queen for a stalemate was not even a mini thought in my mind.Kinda like a mix between Serial Killer Files and Seriously Strange.Is zacks underwear photoshopped XD or is he just blessed xD.That is rare to encounter.

Munja i Nekoboj

13:48 what about Ne2?


Seen this video a few times.. every time I say that is a catchy song.

Pika Pika




David Harrison

Why do not you solve first the puzzle and then describe your thoughts with all time needed? In this way, your rating will get higher and puzzle will become more challenging and we do not lose any piece of information iro puzzle just solved.

Sai Harsha

Who else is watching this video on windows? :D :D

Dhruv Kallianpur

Chi squared a d20




I recommend sanding before you do your edge treatment. When sandingwith a hand held tool it's impossible to be perfectly uniform. As such whenever you hit the edges you'll create a variance on the treatment. This is especially visible with such a small round over bit as you're using.

Ahmed Gadseer

This mother fucker. Needs to be killed slowly and that the dirty rats learn their lesson.give him a capital punishment.why is he still breathing dirty animal

Owen Wexler

I mean, starting with C is a very good "baptism by fire" if that's the approach you want to take as a beginner...

Elia Cafasso

12:45 that's actually not true: white is not up a piece because he will lose the rook on d2 BUT he can play Qc7 and white should be winning. 2 Options1. Ke8 which loses to Bg6 Bf7 and BBf7. 2. Kg8 which loses to Bg6 again and there is no defense against the Queen mating on the back rank.I hope I could help u guys :)

Texas Made 979

Great video to watch garbage carpenter skills lol

Ad Nihil Nihilo

As a fellow who deals with ADHD and literally can not concentrate in a task for more than 20 mins without checking idiotic shit on the internet I am enormously grateful with this. You got yourself a new suscriber, Mr.

Michael Maloney

Shouldn't you flatten the face of the board before jointing and then cutting the edges?



Canary World

Nice work!!! What type of brand do you buy for your buttercream?

Paulo Alexandre

Its no the number one in america wtf

Nicole Kriebel

Thank you for the video! I’m building one as well and have a question for you. I was under the impression that both my bookend slabs were the same size and they were except one is just under 2in and the other is 3in. I really don’t have the space or extra money to even them out like you.So my question is Why do they have to be completely flush? Thank you

Marney Cohen

Amazing, so cool, great video, we loose power all the time got to go buy me some bricks.


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