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Lecture with GM Yasser Seirawan (Analyze This! | Member Game Analysis) - 2014.03.04

MatoJelic in your variation of h6XBg5, then Ke4, why not then KxQd5 since it would, for the moment, no longer be pinned by rook?I think I’ve just learned seven different skills.Dam - Your hair is AMAZING!Greta movie, one of the best.

Nice chess variant13:15 Jerry mutters under his breath.But I have to admit: Even those endgames I can both draw and lose.I'll rather sacrifice my King for the Queen.Skip to 10 mins for the start of the results maybe 16 minutes for the official results of the video just to save some time.Very Nice Animation!I like this idea, but I don’t like only pulling the blade.A beautiful piece of Joinery.

If we pick p83, which is prime, then

If we pick p83, which is prime, then

I ordered mine but it wouldn’t come 2 my front door."any kind of weather" huh holds it up outside my classroom because its very windy (i did not buy it).Baianinho from Maua is the best player of the world, he can win everyone rsrsrs.Si Hero Angeles ba yan?I'm not sure which is better in this case.What is the metal pan with lid you put wood with resin into?

Until one of white's rooks is taken, neither Black's Queen nor his King's Rook can move from protecting e8.3 2 1 Piece of crap ruining the productive individual's life 11:42.It’s a simple 2 step check mate game Root to a2,whatver he moves rook to h2 is a checkmate if he plays bishoff e8 and blocks h5 Again it’s a checkmate.Amazing how entertaining this format is!V Must Unt Dem Down and Destroy Dem.   The only  way to get a perfect fit is to ensure the cut on the opposite side (having moved the stop blocks) is exactly the same distance from the other side.Fool you and what you are naming well proved mathematicians are all idiots like you.Not to mention, once it wares, finding the perfect stain to match would be a pain.

Also, a little suggestion - Please add few questions to test our learning!Wow morphy made hard work of this at 326 sac ur bishop bring ur rook in game over.Was there something in his position that pushed you to to attack with ur pawns?I don't follow vishy's logic here.I think that hair dryer is only the second power tool I can recall being used in these videos.What brand is yours?Sorry, just think it sucks and clearly so did every other american kid.Ni hay pregunta.

The lighter side is decent.

The lighter side is decent.

Can I have a phone?The name is Samuel Shankland indeed!Com to make such a claim, but his rank is only around 1,600.The only thing Magnus drops is his webcam.In the spirit ok Mikhail Tal.Is it not possible to do king vs king?You have the most fantastic(and expensive) equipment, tools, machines and materials."Move the pawn on i2".For me it seems good.Just dip the mine chains in UV resin, cure them, then they should be self supporting, at least enough to hold while you pour the blue resin.

Not what based

Not what based

Nice Facebook tombstone.Outstanding craftsmanship.If you've taken that much trouble to tan your hide, why bother to.Is your dog named Capablanca?Even this way of solution.Y can't carlini shut his trap?I cried for Euler's formula, it's moving.

I really really really want this

I really really really want this

Grew up reading Tolkein, Jordan, Martin, Salvatore (got a hard-on for Drizzt, I admit).Then I realized you must’ve meant cube.Very very nice work!Considering curiosity has gone more than 7 years past it’s predicted lifespan, I’d say they did a pretty good job on the wheels.The count of the lives that we have lost and people missing are still not confirmed yet.Jerome clements.Leonardo martinez pea.5:37 WTF castling can not be done while bishop attacks field between king and castle.NO MORE CHESS VLOGGER WANNABE CHESS MASTER ANALYSIST!29:00 - when your keyboard is also your microphone.

Basel Arafah

I can't stop listing to it. It feels like I am in the movie

Kaash Singh Kaiwalya

Anand shall never be mated its only a dream


Lawrence Trent got dummied verbally as well.

West Fjords

Thanks Jerry

A Hint

hy mato i meant alexi shirov he is great ) if it is possible

Inside Joke


Ken C

Zed not Zee.

Abe Coulter

burrito execution device

c Dng Ng

Vietnamese = 30 Cantonese 30 mandarin????

Velma Williams

i love ghibi music and i watched this film on netflix 2 days ago


hey chess24, I really love this series. Thank you so much


"You at home incorrect""Fall of my bed. try not to.cry .cry alot"


The problem with 8-Tracks and ESPECIALLY pre-recorded cassettes was they would use lousy, cheap media.My Dodge Charger came with an AM radio/Stereo 8-track, weird.I removed it and it still was working, I still have it.I replaced it with an Alpine cassette player of the time.What I would do is buy an album, and then use only the top grade blank TDK cassette tape, and dub it onto the cassette to listen in the car, and possibly another for the house.That way, the record did not get worn down, and the tapes you could really play a while without degradation.I am not an audiophile, but I could hear the loss of fidelity on some tapes after a number of times playing it.


Birds stomach are really small. Scones are filled with fat. Both birds would probably die if they ate the entire scone => Killing two birds with one scone.

Ayman Gharib

I am totally brand new in the woodworking field ... so far just watching videos on YouTube I’m getting fascinated more and more

Dalen Isaac

Great video if you hit the mute on that shit music

Dhairya king


Sir Nickels

Wish NBC would hire Marty

Boba Defett

"if you found this, you are a deflection genius" or as i like to say "why the fuck are you bothering to watch these videos." I play on 1541 rating, I not only didn't see that, it would have taken me centuries to find that set of moves. I still think that all chess Gm's are some form of savants. Great at chess, but couldn't talk to a person to save their lives, or some other kind of disorder that truly hinders them in the day to day world. Anyway these are awesome videos, I really do love them. Please keep putting them out. 


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