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16:04doesn't Qb4 win for black here?Do you know what base of paint he’s using, and on what layer?Should I drop my Mac in a trashbin cause it runs photoshopaiae in 2 seconds and my msi runs it in between 1 to 2 minutes.Wait are you supposed to solve it by memorizing the position or can you look at the puzzle?Why there are so many dislikes?Suggestion : Alexander.I really don't remember!

His way, although complicated, solves it but not intuitively and could be a faster solution in some cases.People that condemnthem make them sound famous.I've been waiting a long time for thisssssssAaaaaaaaahhhhhHARRRRRRY POTTTTERHarry: VoldemortAbsolutely terrifying when we saw what scary looking Voldemort looked like for the first time.From below comments, seen that video has more like than viewYoutube video 'likes' are easy to track because likes are linked with Youtube accounts.Thankz 4 adding thiz movie bro.Sam is the diminutive form 99% of the time in English.Me: Skips 6 second adAlso me: watches 10 min ad.9:14 that not possible.

He is having fun with 2800!

He is having fun with 2800!

New Kickstarter for Square Off.Qued bonito felicidades.Karpov is a legend.He almost had you checkmated if you took that pawn with the bishop!Great episode John Oliver, but you're incorrectly calling the 2% number a "mortality rate," which might be why some people are confused.The reason no one has played these move before is, that the bishop there is very vulnerable to attacks.The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that no aliens have ever tried to contact us!Crud will pile up around it I guess?I really don't understand why anyone would give this a thumbs down.Trash talk wouldnt work vs hikaru.

At 10:34, shouldn't he have moved his king to the last row in front of Carlse's pond to prevent him from getting a queen?Nobody wants to live in deadmonton.And what about the sun.I'm not very good at chess but I love your videos and it's fantastic to see chess matches from your analytical preserpective.What you came for is at 10:46Thank me later.I was subscribed to this guy for 10 years.

I thought WGM meant world

I thought WGM meant world

18:24 orb left corner.After your hypothetical sequence at 8:30, which arguably pointed to a draw, in fact you were presenting Mr.29:27 Hikaru is so cocky lol, Even a 1500 is able to play a Knight and Bishop mate faster than what my teammate did.Stop fucking camera.You could have cut it in half and got 2 '13in rolling pens and Idk gave one away?Not Cuck Bernie lmao.But shape the handles etc.

Wow what a build.I'd like to become a less shittier player.I downloaded the source and ran it on my visual studio.F6 knight can't move.I may not be a great woodworker yet, but I sure do feel like I'm closer to being a YouTube expert now.We will go through a scenario without ever KNOWING what Bob actually sees, which is the situation that we are describing, and which is seemingly oft forgot.If that's my army.

Nick McLaughlin

I’m dissatisfied. Why does the third step create a new answer? does x1=-x2? So many questionable

Aaron Alfer

That kid makes me feel dumb


Well played


SHOP CORGY :DDD We need more dog tax :D

You are respectful artist .. we like it .. thank you .. If I was an official government , I could give you a prize for your inventions

T. Styles

Wonder of computer science

Nicholas Clarkson

1 guy thinks we are safe. 1 guy thinks we aren't. 1 of them has been a big supporter of Donald Trump. The other IDK. Guess which one is which...

Food for thought

This boy is amazing. Did you pay attention to the time? He was planning on beating her less then 20seconds? He’s amazing

EydenM Nikolas

at 21:18 there is something red

PrAsHaNTh PrAsHi

In case of hand shakes ,he is giving no.of handshakes and asking to find no. Of pupil. How to approach it by formula?


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