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Leeland - Way Maker (Official Live Video)

Loved the dog at the end.One time, we even got to perform a couple songs at a nursing home after she had proclaimed A day without music is a day wasted.Only problem is that Ne7 is not an option after d5.Thank you for sharing.I have question?

Been a sub almost 2 years now and you ALWAYS deliver!Awesome thank you sir.Wind instrument players all wish there is backup when they run out of breath.Hey I will even pay the shipping.Trump is not a scientist, hes just trying to keep people calm.

Im sorry mate, i appreciate the effprt of the tutorial, but you cant say that the other player was lucky when you gave him the game trying to pull a strategy that you dont undertand.This guy is amazing.His opponent is good if he making magnus think for this long in minute 4.Even with evidence, ppl still get away with this shit.He is the American version of Jeremy Corbin.No sound in video?And yes, sometimes you do just HAVE to go out for a beer !But ofc also im not error free, maybe my critic is misplaced.They became very bored situation.

Uve never watched adventure time.A total build would run close to $3,500 here.On the clamp job!My husband hates it when I win now I am going to really make him mad.I really like your videos and already subscribed them.They are always giving me a lot of ideas on how to crush my opponents.All good, until you started painting the triplay or playwood as they call it.Kenzo taladro po pala yun.Microwave me kitne time tak bake karna hai.Your my most favored of ALL Masters out here.

7:40 she has a dick!

7:40 she has a dick!

What do these 4 clowns do with Maria Ho at the same table, my god.I see that in hindsight.Can we castle if we have moved our king?The decorating is so fine.No mention to Spain, even when modern chess rules were invented there, including the figure of the queen.

" (Amonatov)- " You want a DOUBLE checkmate ?I too thought the same.The entire time they were reading out the thirsty comments I was laughing so hard I started crying and I died internally.I wonder if it would be able to be made smaller and built into a sewing table.Thanks to people who organized it and thanks to Kasparov, who's definitely the best chess player of the whole chess history!And every game which doesn't affected by fortune must have a strategy that can lead to inevitable winning for one side.The contrary, you put my mind at ease.Com analyzing my game suggests my opponent to castle while i am attacking his rook.

For some while I forgot the word and called it Barristachrome. Any advice on how to deal with these kind of situations (criteria for deciding, etc.Yes it was quick, this last puzzle, i think it took less than 3 seconds.Dont blame the cameraman guys, kevin hacked the camera to not show the screen to the masses.1 : 09 he says "c'est pas bon" LOL i wasnt prepared for that.Really fantastic job, dude!Thought chess was more cultured and respectful.


Can I ask, what hardware / software do you use for the sketching?

matje lol

365 times a year 1 time a day

lunar calendar

Are the Khan's today descendants of them?

Nageswara Rao Thota

Soba Ye

You can make some dope lamps with clear high thermal filament

Isaac Robertson

Every move is checkmate damnit

FishRish 21

1:25 is a blunder immediately loses the knight of black takes

Trent Richards

Simple but powerful

Wakil Hamidi

I think the rook would win

Crazy Crafts



Can't wait to get to the higher concepts. 1600 internet player here at a wall

Just a random PfP

Its Just like chessBut withmother frickin' lazers


much better then other diy channels

Mont DieseL

Danm! We done moved up to the eastside with this bad boy!   That's got to be the baddest  chess set in the surrounding five states.   Dude that's some Hall Of Fame sht right there.  "What the Frik"!!!

Taufik Rizkyawan

kalo putih rokade pendek giamana tuh?


Needs more DiResta

Lawrence Lunsford

Turned my first two pieces today using the build in your video.Thanks for the inspiration and idea.Subscribing now.:)


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