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I want a shorov please.23:56 anybody knows what she said?OS engines used to make a Wankel Engine for airplanes.

Hi Marc, in my experience kiln dried timber seems to remove the natural tannins, (tannic acid present in oak), whereas air drying doesn’t seem to remove too much, so that when steaming and bending and then drying the wood doesn’t seem to split as much, if you get me.2:33 Isn't that called quenching?What is its size?

Mournings End Part II flashbacks intensify.This is pizza% actually.Btw, which manwon?India always usa.The end is a Philidor study.Why are magpies interested in shiny objects?

To which he worked on actually solving it.You should do a video on Mechatronic Engineering - Chico State has a good curriculum.Now I guess I am obliged to do a proper job repairing it.Shoutout to Arrested Development.You just exchange your ds bishop and go for stone wall structure with pawns on dark squares playing h4.A quick review showed that the client was on both a cost and time restraint.



Are you for real.They think Bob sees 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.I think Morphy's reputation preceded him wherever he went in the later stage of his career so opponents started with a mental block against him many times he blundered yet won people read something more into his blunders even iif there was none so you could say he could get away with murder this is not to take anything away from his genius though he was an artist the best imho love him.I’ve watched documentaries about him and read a book or two, and he should’ve been executed long ago.First comment to your videos.Love, love, love these guys.

Naka is to cocky.Siu phm Life is strange u ad i.Yes, they work fine.Cant chess players ever smile or laugh?"We are Americans!

Extremly underwhelming battle.Although I find myself rooting for Fischer and I do believe in Dragons, there is a moment where Gligoric can win.I know this is way after the publishing of this video, but what about the scenario at the end?Judging from this video, It is impossibile to decide such Codes only IF you have a spy inside and saw how dies it works.I was pleased you put that claw hammer down and picked up a ball pein later on.Thanks for sharing.Much love Antonio.Pick the number, subtract 1 to it, make modulo 3 number from 000 to 222.Thicknesses, but it rhymes with crises.I'm pretty sure it's not just (or even mainly) that she's a lower-rated player.

And we love him for that.

And we love him for that.

Beautiful cake and great technique.Last few days I was looking for this kind of tutorial.Eric Rosen: Always play f6Ben Finegold: smh.Mmmmmmm pulled the rape card.5:42 Magnus plays great even when sleeping.Ban smut, save lives.With us, if the labor inspector finds you, you are arrested with those non-compliant machines!JsIf you want to make the text bigger.

Ruben Soares

you are the best... from portugal


Barrel smoke. Don't breathe this!


Can u make a video, that shows best build and create,and play w friends

AS,SHAHINA chalk i was written the name...

Shahezad Virani

nice game.. , thank you Jerry.......your talking makes the tension go away...

Le Thu Phong

6:20 Kasparov i nc Xxd4 qu sai lm: Xxd4 cd Xe7 Hxe7 Hxd4 Vb8 Hb6 Vc8

Josef Malr

always fascinating with greatness of chess talent. spotiing emediatelly moves, which i never see (y).


Matters how long you mean.


Please stop that music !!!


Crazy thoughts,just maybe,we are just one entity that live in universe and form a small colony that we are just dont want be alone,so we socialize,haahahaha crazy thought am i rite?



cristopher wong

I think I am looking at a French Revolution or the Communist Russia Revolution.

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