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Lego Friends Tic Tac Toe - Millie & Me - Build and Play

Why is this in a disguised rick roll playlist?I do not know anything about wood turning, but it seems that it should be possible to make a template to hold against the piece while it is turning - to check the measurements.IM Daniel Rensch covered them in chess.I really like your attention to making elegant curves in all that you do.Very impressive.Black night to G6.

I guess i dont understand stalemate rules.This style of countersink produces superior results.HE'S ONLY GONE AND DONE IT.My goal is to reach 200 subscribers!Carlsen is a classy champion for sharing online.Sorry if that upsets everyone.You Looooose eric.

Thank you once again!What a visionary queen sacrifice at the end!You have the best chess channel on YT.It would be cool to figure out what the shapes from each piece of plywood ended up being.I subscribed to your channel after hearing your interview on Three Moves Ahead.From there, a maximum of two tries is possible, wherein we try the group of dead batteries first before settling on the group of live batteries.You could have put her2070 humanity builds an orbital elevator2150 humanity reaches type 11,300,000 gliese710 pass by the cloud oort130,000,000 the ground system completes its galactic orbit.

Myra died from respiratory failure.Now I can go home and enjoy a lukewarm coffee lol.Is Eric Hansen from Canada?TIL that the entire bottom plate of a laptop is a heat sync.I wish you can learn more and see our other culture and traditions other than what's shown here.

Wonderful game,I'm from

Wonderful game,I'm from

Like si siempre quisiste una scape room box.We seem to have a very hard time comprehending 4D chess, so we can’t really make tactical moves to try to win.Doesnt mean im not cheating though does it.Is it because the white pawn would subsequently be lost, and it is much more valuable than the black pawn because of its position?This video was really terrifying.I'm not criticizing.Bro how to design cub in cub plzz broo requesting video.

Plz show me how to make cake toppers.Your girl has a pretty decent shitter on her.People just can't believe it because there mind won't open to the truth.The sink came out really cool and I can't wait for an entire bathroom remodel video from you Mike!Anyone else have a moment at 24:49 where they forgot which side was which and thought the white pawn could take the black king?5:36 If magnus moved his castle all the way to the left he could have trapped Boris' queen.

After the knight moved

After the knight moved

WAIT, I’m watching as I comment and I’am in awe !Wait, your still doing your own videos?The partial credit line at 9:55 was so funny xD.Most owners by now would just be on the sidelines in the office.I feel like this would be an excellent candidate for a screen replacement.I will have to try this, would like to make beautiful bookends You mentioned not using wooddue to the splinters could you use the popsicle sticks?Yea sure what a great player lmfao.I don’t have friends.Sugar XPro is now about the same strength as Stockfish 8.


You the best Jerry. Cool to see you had a nice legion of chess supporters!


You and Shaun working together was probably the best thing that happened to youtube woodworking videos this year.

Alyza Arriola

Melony:nay.. Ano po pangalan ng tatay koMama: junellMe:ahhh juneeellllll hahah

Bonia DIY

Wow, I love it, you are a genius, keep up the good work

Daphne Sacapano

si cholo bayan kapatid ni camille

Elhacen Cheikh


Yash Suryawanshi

I am alreary his fan

Makagyn Grimm

It is infinite for 3 dimensions

Ozin Extreamly


boris x

Sip of water gambit

Robert Williams

Nice stool Steve. I am a bit concerned that you are not eating enough and (so I don't sound too much like your mother....) not having a daily beer to flush out your urinary tract. Cheers and here's to your good health.

kourt the minister

I like geechi but he’s going to have to get more versatile with his schemes and bars. You can’t real talk and gangster rap a nigga in every round .. that’s getting boring.

Michael H.

B e a u t I f u lJ o b ! ! !

Astrid Lauchengco

9:09 Zach's "why" sounds like mad calm CEO lol


Wow, what stamina! Good job!


this last match is a tragedy wase of my fcking time

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