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In my opinion a more interesting solution that simply plugging arctan values into a calculator.These 2-3 camera men are distracting.Hey guys check out my beats, Ive got a bunch of new music up on my channel, Id really appreciate it if you give it a listen.U put so much effort on every piece.

It was interesting seeing your rendition of it.I have not watched it for a long time, I don't miss it.I have no errors but my screen is like freezed.

Yeah Tal really played out his recipe " complicate and they will blunder".Missing captain raj ettan.Eat your cereal.Interveiwer interrupts magnus in order to keep magnus talking.Dude the king holds his color on the starting line.Depends on the size of screw.I recently started a chess blog, please check it out at:.Zach's art is so artistic and creative, even when he was a kid.33:52 Too little too late.

16:43 why not King to

16:43 why not King to

Can we use ENO instead of baking soda?Using the air to hold stuff is kinda cool when you think about it.Cool vid lol 10 points for trying to play!Holy crap that's amazing.12:00 I guess the Japanese were idiots for dying for their country?I have done it n it's awsome thanks a lot muaaaahhh I wish if I can send u pic.Great straight forward video!Hey boyThere are thousands of people like you, who can do what you do.Wondering, was the design and dimensioning left to you or were you given dimensioned drawings to work to?

Love the intro.Can you imagine that from Argentina you can order a board and do not know if the paintings will come as they correspond?Does anyone know where I can find that picture?That was certainly different from the normal run of the mill game opening.Awesome, but dont do what he does at 18:17.Outstanding video and beautiful work!I dont even play chess.I'd say the 260 dis-likes on this video are manufacturers of Rotary Weld Tables.I'm looking forward to doing that in bullet games from now on.These guys are super good at making ads cause I really wanna use my money.


When setting up the total length of stock, shift the whole so that 1 and 4 ends have the most  similar grain highlights.  If you're lucky the 1 and 4 ends will match like the s 2 and 3 and the grain chase itself around the whole box, all four corners.If you show interest and contact me, Young Je, I could show you things concerning this type of box making.

Noreen Mountain

Wtf is wrong with that lawyer?? What was so funny? Hes as creepy as his mental client. I hope hes dead now

Nelson Noga

wag kang paapikto sa mga basag trip at wag mo silang bigyan ng pansin cg lang

Blair Lu

A bishop is worth 3, not 3.5


If the startkng square counts this doesnt work

Dewy S

Hi Jonathan, I am new to wood working and I love it. I wanted to ask you if you can lacquer a cutting board and or a hot plate made of wood, I am sure the answer is no and do know about the mineral oil and beeswaxmix to be safe for cutting boards. Thanks for your time.

Gwendolyn Easley


Malcolm Adams

3 min I can just about follow your reasoning. 1 min No chance.

Lakshit Ahari

Nice work

klark kent

I hope Anwar keep the same energy with twork cause i heard he was choking got killed


I have developed a fool proof strategy. If you are white, open pawn d4, then you can move your king out and totally throw your opponent off.

ge'ez temari

never mind hg3

Younus Sarwari


Eric Francis

I may cancel my Netflix subscription and just watch Stavros from now on. This was fascinating.

Antonio Trav

Thought gold was formed by neutron star collisions

Arabian Nights

The thirst of this comment section knows no bounds

The Stunt Runner

What oil/vanish did you use


Wtf are snapchat spectacles ive heard about them but i dont get the point

Nick Callahan



Poor stockfish pants again - chin up stockfish you still got second.Go have a beer with Caruana :)

Sai Sevithaa

Who else loves the animation?Of course, Ted Ed = (awesome animation awesome narration awesome lesson)99999


i was wondering too.


King vs King?

Justice Carter

Let Carlo Take the Pokemon


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