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Lego Pirates 70410 Soldiers Outpost - Lego Speed build

Can someone make a Battle Royale version of this?It’s like a dictionary there’s so many definitions I’m crying.I like your video a lot, and your design also.Larsen wasn't there!

The baccarat one, each piece can be filled with the alcohol of your choice: wine, tequila, mezcal, etc.Wher is gums y dd that firmboys frm vahallaparkmoer him so they crazy ng 12 diespels.That is really naughty.

Fischer would just move his rook to E3, then if Botvinnik moves his rook up to A4 or A5, then Fischer stays on 3, but moves it to G3, and the king would be forced to move to F2.Whish I had the patience for this.Editing on point!Thanks for the daily content.1:18 why not take e4 with knight?Gun Lao na please.1:30 That's what she said!If you look at Morozevich's games against other players, you will notice that he doesnt fiddle around, sounds, etc.A consummate professional craftsperson.

I do remember every single moment.Incredible, Alekhine even knows how to lose?Then why not Kh8 instead of Kg7 which gives no choice for black to give a check.I'm useless at both.Nice video, good work Sagar and Chessbase India.From experience, I lost in all games where I made the queen side move.Thats some furious chess playing.Religion is nothing more than a relegion.Philidor active with black lion.Expected some messed up physics defying rolling pin, was not disappointed however.

Is that Sasha Kosteniuk commenting?

Is that Sasha Kosteniuk commenting?

Awesome lecture.It's kind of like a game version of what's actually happening in Scandinavia, minus the king.The details are so adorable!I didn't check with an engine but this move did pop into my head, is it a bad move?Lazy people like me don't want to make a hassle out of buying something.Looking very very nice.Kamalas naman sa natapatang lalaki.Zakaria Razu was a Persian polymath, physician, alchemist, philosopher, and important figure in the history of medicine.

Jessica McKnight

Dude on 24:20 until 24:22 I seen two ghost balls shooting out of Moe. The last one was coming from his head and it was very bright. That was crazy.


Bee gone and then whatever the blocks you are going to mine

James Smith

Been watching your vids for a while now i really like how you explain things in detail and keep it simple for us novices out there and love your whole attitude waste not want not keep it up mate

Nyre Rose

If you do not want wood exposed to the epoxy cover what you don't wan exposed with Tibex, pull it off when it is dry. You might also like the Stonecoat epoxy better for your projects. Look at some of their video's the working time is better and it is more versatile.

thaabit carelse


Drumaier J

Chessbae94 i guess the 94 refers to the year of you taking your very first breath of fresh hospital air?

Joe Roberts

Agad That game ended in a draw Mator

Zule Naciff

As everyone of your videos, super helpful and amazing!! But I tried before and the fondant was tearing on the edge, so I haven’t done that anymore!! My question is: which one do you think is the best way, paneling or like this? On your hands everything looks so easy!! Hehehe!!


6:45 Rxh7?


excelente clase muy agradecido

JheLaiiCatu PinoyCreepyPastaListener

Pinanood ko ito dahiL kay poks


Thank you, awesome video


Reuben didn't play so Fine.

Tobil Misian

Liverpuldian not good for chess, they are good for futbol

Nigel Farage



very nice

gamer gamer

Vale!!!!!!!!!Me:you took everything away from meElgin:i dont even know who you are


How the hell does this guy not have more subs

Hellenic Christian Bear

i dont play chess but i still love this channel

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