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Leo Tolstoy Crushes His Opponent By Playing The Aggressive Greco Gambit!

Can you provide a link!Pobre Nakamura xD.The chess set video from 2008 is actually one of the things that inspired me to change my career completely.I hope everyone in that crowd gets coronavirus.Bruh my cards were 7 hearts, 3 spades then ace of spades, does this mean im special?Why named Linus Operating System instead of Linu"x"?More like adapted tanto.

Did he take his husbands name?Great Channel and great commentary.I’m sorry, but here Liebestraume by Liszt sounds so odd.I need some help."Everything you do is wrong.

This game reminds

This game reminds

Thanks for this wonderful game!I'm simply happy to understand what's happening on the board.Too many permutations.Too bad Soran didn't divert his skills to building a holodeck, or backwards engineering that space probe that Picard bumped into that let him live a full fantasy life while napping.Just started the series.What if the king took the queen in the end.That was awesome Andrew, thanks for posting.1:43 Imagine if Brahman was spelled BruhmanI think that would be funny.

Thought it was a woman!Watching some game on a digital board is like paying for your groceries at the robot lane.It's not over, is it?The red dot was blood.Why dont you guys brighten up the area where you hear things.Really super neat.Magnus "cam drop" Carlsen.Sounds ambitious but possilbe.Ian brady deserved no mercy he refused all this time to say where one of the young boys was.

Great Job Colin!Then find water if you can't get help.To be quite honest, the whole idea of the wild card seems rather dubious.Actually, it died of a snake-bite.U r awesome please give me choice to win something from ur channel.Hi, Nice tent, Nice scenery, Nice machine, Nice wood, Nice cutter, Nice work, Nice spoke, Nice video, Nice farewell.Are you kidding?The reason why im watching your videos because I joined chessclub last month thanks for the advice!

Trish P.

I just discovered your YouTube channel today. I really like your workspace. Thank you for sharing your ideas. May you continue to be blessed with your talent!

Evan Stanley

WOW, Agad! You really supported the Saint Louis Chess club before the infringement. You suggested to check the live coverage.What is wrong with this world if a chess association attacks somebody who supports their continued success? Maybe they had no idea but still it is heartbreaking to see that a company who I thought quite highly of. Attacking a person I think quite highly of. Thank you for the video and your amazing work as always my friend. Keep it up!

Tristan Cowen

Is there a place to download the OlcGameEngine or will it work without it?

d2 kenneth d2 lord

what a weird option you use

Bardh Azizi

in the beginning, you press the knife against the tomato without sliding it forwards/backwards. of course it will squash the tomato, because of the straight blade.after sharpening the blade, you try it again on a tomato, but this time you slide the knife. this is not a direct comparison.


muito bom comer o eric assistindo o almoo

Ainur Bagitova

5:155 and win Queen


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