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Let's Talk Music - Eric Wahlforss (CTO, SoundCloud) & Daniel Haver (CEO, Native Instruments) #TOA15

Can I use this source for my studying in University?It boggles my mind.We do not see ribs made with resin, they are called plastic ribs.Or for the really simple "Basic Stuff" that you still need to see and hear, but don't need a sermon about them.Still - unless I am expecting to make a billion dollar company, I would still compare it to a range of alternatives if the price was too high.Do you use engines for your videos by the love your videos.It's all about eat and suicide.But what about b shape?

To think today’s codes would never allow that.1000TH VIDEO BRO.Check the set of 2 batteries then - 4th attempt.I'm waiting please.That sunset will replenish your sole.

Welp time to move to Antarctica y'all be easy.Morons act likeFlopping a fullHouse is skill!Agadmator it would be funny if you put blindfolds on them for blindfolded games.You should get a price for this.Can anyone tell me at 8:25 what was the issue with rook takes on d6 ?

Can you do both?

Can you do both?

And the ability to travel doesn't equal intelligence.I am not able to download plan.This is so sad tolook at because thay are not allowed to put a realload in the cannonbeaurocrates gone crazy.How to waste $2000 on a shit plastic lmao.And nice table thing.God forbid a women does absolutely amazing in chess.Thank you for being on Earth and for your mission.Hindi chess videos at 8:26 why not qh5.Eugene is a mood.It's just amazing how rusty the brain gets when it rests on its laurels.

El toro ungab no puede angkab.You could just as easily call it checkers with lasers.Sorry vat19 when I got hickeys I broke them in a week.Beautiful cakes.I have sent it to almost all my friends so that they learn chess and challenge me.Gata needs to be a banter blitz regular !If I wanna be Tony Stark, which engineering should I do.Here is the best player in the world by FAR, and arguably the greatest in history, saying he is weak at dynamics in chess.Omayghawd ang pangalan ng tatay niya JuneEeeeeeEl.Bagus banget tuh.

It was a lot of 30s last

It was a lot of 30s last

I saw that and stepped in front of her, pretending it was an accident, even saying sorry.But what are they bracing.Made your nostrils black back in the old days before safety came into play.They only played to a draw.Why can’t you just put e to the 0th power and then subtract 1?He has a bet on Karpov.It was hilarious watching Maurice try to keep up with the match on the touch-board during the first game.Which video editor ans screen recorder you use.

This is the best video

This is the best video

He will never became a good chess player with that attitude.I miss Outbreak fucking Ubisoft removed a great thing.Please cite your sources when making your next video.What's the shelf life?Let the viewers have their interpretation.

At 4:22 Knight to F7 was fork to 2 rooks.Just an engine player I'm guessing.Tworks energy simply did not warrant some of the shit he was saying to me.Kurang tebal rupanya kaca mata kau?Who’s here after part 2.King killing Knight was pure majesty.

Mr E

Why does Bob go first? so in all actually the player that makes the first move will always win so the correct answer is whoever moves first wins

Talk to me nice Momma there go that man

Idk wtf just happen but i like it!!! I wanna learn how to play at the highest lvl but i never have played at all

Stian Pollestad

To all of you who says you found the moves, I bet you'd never have found them if you didn't know in forehand there was a brilliant move. Carlsen is just the best of all time. GOAT!!


I think it is funny that everyone makes so much of Anand's age, as if being 45 is a big detriment in this game. I would guess that if it is a detriment at all, it has less to do with intellectual capacity or sharpness than with the degree of desire to prove oneself. Nevertheless, he beat a lot of players in their 20s, 30s (40s and 50s) to get a chance to challenge. 

Arpit Pathak

Awesome video sir... Big fanNow answer to today's puzzle:1. Queen to c62. Bishop takes Queen3. Rook to d8 is CHECKMATE...

Raul Cruz

Dude ur channel is sick

The simple facts

I tried most of them since 2011, but none of them worked. If you really wanna succeed, what you need is only one. LUCK!

Rahul Gaming

Sound quality acha koro


That's how you teach chess. Perfect thanks Jerry. You're the best on this platform

Haitam el ouarradi

6:46 Qxr8, qxQc8, Re2xre8, qxRe8, Re1xqe8


This is what attrition looks like.

Bart Dooper

How about a cardioid inversion of a circle or another cardioid? Could this have resemblance with the periodstouching the main cardioid in the mandelbrot set ?

Sid Joyner

22 I need the hairline plug bro


Really interesting !I use Linux Cinnamon

King Henrock

Stop it youtube would've been better... wack ass stream

rjhay beatingo

How about Lolita's first and third skill?

Agustina G

This was so beautiful to watch. Definitely going to make it for my family now. I can’t wait!

Chris Doc

Sharing the polished jewels of your life-long endeavours to work alongside your innate intellect is an act of supreme generosity andis deserving of the highest accolade in my opinion. Sir Simon sounds ok by me. What say the rest of you?

greg hamilton

Great video! Thanks for some awesome tips. (wish I had you tools and workshop!)

Slime girl scal

The people who are saying that you need them to creep that to yourself vat 19 is amazing




there are few things i dont understand why they works for you, but especially one i have problem with, is collision, i do not understand why with having "is trigger" marked on everything, collision works for you normally, if i set it on, i have no collision (as it works like that), with it on only on score zone game works, but there is no collision on score zone so it doesnt count points, after turning it off as well, bird stops on the score zone as if it collides with it


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