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Life-Size LEGO Animals at the Indianapolis Zoo by Sean Kenney

I figured it could be useful for others also.Around the 5:40 mark, isn't pushing G4 with the pawn immediatly kicking the black queen a good move?Why would you assume black pawn to E5 everytime ?This guy is pretty good at chess, he should play professionally.It was like watching a who done it mystery.

I really liked the way he didn't try for too much and then burst through.He could have just done 64 choose 8 at the beginning.This is the first time I thought your analysis was totally wrong, agadmator.

This method is not new in india first it is taught and then we use bhramagupt quadractric formula.2015 whats if 3d printing was 100X faster late 2019 3D printers are still slow as can be.Every misunderstand ing this guy This video is about how to let your opponent win in just 2 moves.The wife asks, "does this dress make me look fat?Respect for getting that duvet cover on without issue.I think you are compensating for something.

Even more so than on a scale, 1100000, the diameter of the Earth would be approximately equal to the thickness of a human hair.Hi Pravindar Ji, First of all, Happy Diwali to you and your family,I really appreciatethe way you explain.What if he plays knight to a1 in the end position?If playing gambits like this you are not a gambiteer and pobably should not aim to play gambits regularily, knowing the gambits name does not mean that success is assured.They were entitled to the opening.

It difficult to

It difficult to

The best compilation!Stage 2 of the Computer Chess Championship started today Stockfish is leading.On his death bed detectives tried to get more information out of him, certain there are more bodies to be found.Notice in step 1 and 2 degree is 2, but later it becomes 3.Though I learned to play in high school study hall, the first opponent that I can remember was my housemate, who regularly beat me while he watched TV at the same time.StraikVI he said Steinitz, one of the great contributors that chess has ever seen.You should make a probability playlist.Few tips for the metal machining.Thanku bcoz its too difficult to do it but it is very easily teach itnow am clearly understand it and now am try it.But, thanks Brad, That analogy helped a lot to understand the concept.

It is possible without the while-loop.Thank you again, Mato -- you truly have become a great chess teacher: all around the world.You made this on my 31st birthday.Hey, a good way to avoid being caught out lying would be to just always speak as if you're lying.I can't stand her high pitched voice.Thanks for that.You even don't know what is the IoT hahahahahahaahaha.Your style of teaching is excellent, and you seem to be a patient teacher.Ip man vs The Cuban.What a great and beautiful work.

Bob Adkins

Next time go nuts on the hinges to satisfy everyone. Instead of piano hinges, just make 1/8 box joints in your lid and box where the hinges would normally go. With a long 3/32 drill, drill through the entire length, perfectly aligned. Insert a piece of 3/32 music wire, and you have an invisible, and impossible,hinge that would make everyone gasp. Great work, great vid, keep it up!

Soo Cheng Leong

You think that was hard, there is a loft bed version of that thing

Pushpdant Sharma

Wow thanks for explaining the script of interstellar.

Cody Kaloz

Why didn't you get the ruby sublime kitkats?

Matthias the Malamute

So wouldn't hypershapes technically be compressed? Multiple of an object being limited to the area of one.

Sudhakar Nayak

There was no increment only delay

Bheem Agnihotri

Mozart's of chess!!


0.9 mechanical pencil. It's the future. That is all.

Jason Rounds

nicely done sir!thanks


Game 4, when you play g4. I was like hell yea!

N Sivaram

i am a anand fan, but I feel bad for ding liren. poor ding, he was in time pressure

Tejinder Singh Swaraj

suddenly at 1:45, mustbe twins.

sinan ayaz

Qa3 new meme

Crisantechell Muse

No one else thought taking the knight was the best move? Bishop takes knight on e2 for move 19? That would be some tough decisions for white, I was eyeballing that rook, eyeballing that other rook too, if he took it with his knight, and I doubt he would’ve used his queen to take my bishop.


I really really enjoy your editing work to provide us with both sides of these very cool and funny type games. Cheers mate, such good times! <3

DTD MStudio'S

Tuyt :)

Eduardo Schiavon

Thanks Niclas. This series is really good!

Jaja Operio

Just weak openings for white side


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