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Loaded Lux vs Aye Verb Recap (Whos The GOAT Lyricist?) | #NOME9

For android like this game please (offline).I don't want to make it, I want to buy it !Hikaru is my dad.Who is that and what is chess ?Lol no but seriously I just wish I know some of what you're doing!Magnus is Messi of chess, so magical.I’ve never played chess.Can we edit out the trump jokes like they did in St Louis?

Better yet, stand to the side at least 10- 15 degrees left of the blade if pushing with your right hand.Great video, i cried today when i saw you charge 80 for classes i get Though you are a great teacher.Just brilliant coincidence.You only learn when you lose.That is just amazing.44:59 "I'm very sad".

I am in awe 247 by this guy.Agad: There are two others.Way to be Magnus.I like the videos very much.This is the best chess channel.Unfortunately, it's the first solution I thought.Please make a Scania 14 ltr scaled down V8.

Hellow, for this recipe is it

Hellow, for this recipe is it

Environmentalist whack-jobs are even infecting chess players.Wow, what a great use of resources.If the owners knew that you guys dont damage places, im pretty sure they would allow you to film there.I am off to the hardware store!I have a vast knowledge of what constitutes a douche move and I can assure you that your moves were 100% douche-free.Padam full evide da kaavadi mone.SuggestionWe got a rematch too, just recently.Burn all the cigarette instead.

There were another 2 moves: c4 and kg2.Why the hell does the narrator keep calling him PJK?These are all wrong!Clips you my man, but not after that Nick Cannon track.Your banana skin looks really fresh for TWO weeks later!Where do you get your leather i am planning on making a leather bag my self but don't know what kind of leather to use or where to find it?Anybody knows what the music is?Your kitchen is amazing.Card on the table is ace of diamonds but the screen shows it as ace of hearts lol 21:48.It seems that he has made a great career in USA.

How dare he oppress the black

How dare he oppress the black

If the bishop eats his horse without moving the pawn infront of king.Whether Carlsen loses time?Use those batteries.Great explanation.But cake was so soft n sponge that while cutting it all like this it got break.Play ()FindObjectOfType SoundEffects ().The feeling of a GM toward a 4 players chess game, seems to be pretty close to the feeling of a regular player toward a regular chess game.I saw kings who abandons his army goes and surrenders to the other king in cinema films.I think GM Danny King is of the same caliber, the only difference being that GM King tends to make shorter tournament reports and so can't get into as much detail.

What did they expect a house.Where do you buy it?My globe has 6 different colors.Joe MagnetsI may have missed that part of the video, but what causes a group of people that identify themselves as "VICTIMS" of a holocaust, then become the perpetrators of holocausting others?How did the pawn take on f3 the pawn was on f4 at 12:54.That is my number one tip for anyone getting into woodworking.

Gadgetery fit for schooting with cannons at sparrows.There is a problem with sound volume.That was really cool.Agad: If you're thinking of Nh6.Please correct on thingiverse.BERNIE is SHARP, FOCUSED and next USA president.Such a lovely piece.

John Merveilles

Praggu is the hero.. he has to drew the game for his advantage but he played it for the team too.. wish the best for him.I just wanna say "kaho na pyar hai". Hahaha (i don't know what the meaning is.. i just singing)

Pharaoh on LFS

Is there a name for the opening at 37:55 (57:26 and 1:07:11)? I've looked and only found the Larsen, but Nakamura plays it a bit different and I just love how his pieces almost form a fort/castle.

Wolfie Banana

Eugene- I don’t think I’ve done anything more than 2000 times in my lifeMe- How bout blinking, breathing and maybe talking


You can also can't castle when a certain piece is blocking the way for the king to castle.I think this wasn't on tne video

Kaspar Paukson

You said that if you don’t blunder then you win, but in reality, Magnus not blundering explains why he never loses. A lot of draws still happen

Matthew Harrison

The explanation of symmetry ruined this video for me.

Phil Parrish

Use hot glue to secure piece to a waste piece of wood not clamps. Damn that is dangerous.

Jonathan Couch

Chelsa your ass look amazing in them pants (sexy)

NishaBaby English

Should have tied down the kayak

Ognian Borisov

Hey boyThere are thousands of people like you, who can do what you do. But you do it in a very cool way !!!I like!Greetings from Bulgaria


Muy interesante.

George Reynolds

Lip balm eh?What brand is it and where can I buy it.My game needs help!

you OMG

estoy mamadisimo gracias bro mackina nuevo sub y like

Scorpion TITAN

bruhh... nice!

Hector Salamanca

go to Adolf Anderssons Profile on chessgames and you will find at his notable games a game he won against Morphy


sailers be pooping coconut butter after eating all them coconut

White Trash Wrenching

Norm Abram status bro

Philip Gerlach

Opening:Grunfeld Indian Defence


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