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Awesome workshop and great process.Not suitable for vegans although there are quite a few vegan cheeses appearing on supermarket shelves.Thank you for this Tory and Dustin!It will be being pulled agains the wall "Plywood".Throughout the world championship all the games were draws.Misnamed video implies a real fight.

Me: Practicing while watching this video oh but what you don’t know is that I am practicing!No particular opening is unbeatable.I make epoxy live edge river tables for a living.Com im only 1450.I have a low-mid level of English understanding but I think I can understand 90% what you say sir.I’m 1000% sure now he’ll never miss that one again, ever.Damn, if he ever masters these theoreticalendings, he's going to be 3000 elo, and no one will ever take the world title from him.17:30So hilarious p.Beautifully made buddy, what a great work table you have there.

3:14 and this is a completely

3:14 and this is a completely

Black could have played the in between move Queen-A5 ?Watching you work is mesmerizing.Not very impressed.30:15 What application is this?17:53 what if white played rook to e6 than h6 mate.When you are learning c don't know any of those inbuilt functions.Why does he ask a question, and then answer the question for himself?I'm at around 18:00 of your video.Your really growing on me buddy!Get them to tell you their card and then ask them to spell their card out whilst putting the stack you made down and then the bottom card should be the card they chose.

I was traumatized in the spring of 1974, as a 6 year-old.I love the whole track, but the 03:00 min takes you to a different dimension.Cheers and thanks KchessK!What you could have done with the clamp for the welder is put a bearing or 2 on the axle, would make it a little bit neater too, but overall a very nice piece of kit.I added this to my Wood Tools Clamping list.Omargoshtv at point 7:37 -7:39 you can hear CJ and yourself talk and see the woman you was with next to you but between this point who was in the distance ?Tabularasa ang mga utak nila, at kung anong kapaligiran at sitwasyon ng kanyang kinalakihan, yun yung magiging pagkatao niya.Com tattoo (lol).

Make ure your mark is on it.

Make ure your mark is on it.

I wish I could watch this live.Good luck focus on next move.XDEditYeah sorry, see what you were dealing with made me lose interest pretty fast.JJDD first round is one of the best 1st rounds of 2019.This is literally incomprehensible to watch.I love the way to come up with something intelligent all the time.

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I like to dabble in luthier work when I’m not making cabinets(day job).. it’s been a while though. This definitely inspired me to pick it back up again. There’s nothing like watching someone craft a Les Paul style.. brilliant work.. I really enjoyed watching

Russell Hammond

I love the themed videos, Eric. You're great at explaining several variations of a particular gambit or defense... which helps make me a better chess player!

Sam Naghoon

Very nice work, thanks.

Wahyu Purnomo

Kenapa disebut london system dan italian move yaa ? Ada yg tau sejarahnya ?

Gaurav Singh

You mis-pronounce the name of the opening and claim that it's your favorite...

Martn Morales

el meo tema loko

Jolien Brebels

Well, that's a beautiful outcome! Great upgrade!

Red Red

what type of paper sanding do you use please and can i make a table like this juste withe polyester risine

Bruce T. Lewis

Thank You for the great tips.Happy woodworking!

Rabi Hrichi

Is that milk?

Dhaval parmar

If 2night then what can I do?

Ancient Alpaca

Don't forget about the new-ish grindstone block. You don't need to enchant a thousand "dud" shovels. :)

Zach Durnino

This is the most amazing vid ever !!



Logan Cressler

I went on line to find a video about ending procrastination, as a procrastination.....

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