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LTO Network - What is a Finite State Machine?

Damn fine doghouse!He is very much underrated.Why on Earth does this seem so easy?

The animations are too tasteful.First guy trying to do the 4 moves on a real intellectual lmao.25" squares from 84 lumber, then I realized you didn't.Tracing those letters and numbers with the router must of took you forever to do.Next challenge he’ll make his own tools to build something.

Isso vale uma grana.

Isso vale uma grana.

Fox news still supporting him after Trump critized them on Twitter twice!My money was on the J-carve.The king is back.Since I'm without a job and can't afford classes nor books, having this makes me blessed.I would love to see somebody make an animation, using the audio from this video, of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory teaching us all about math.Removing the magsafe charging port was plain stupid.We are sorry it wasn’t longer.I tried to make this and I screwed up somehow.

Thanks supeeeeeeeeeeer !

Thanks supeeeeeeeeeeer !

Bobby still pulling them in.In the 1990's he was convicted for many murders but could have been involved in up to 250 deaths!Naka Iya konon nonood ko.I suppose it is hypothetical to light a place with a candle?Now i can finally see that this will be revolutionary.Didn't realise you were Aussie until I saw the Dawn.Where is toiletnoggin?I just hope it's not the Cell processor all over again.The beginning of this was just a description of Wales.

Guys I just got $2156on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) freepplmoney.I traded a knight for his lady and cornered him, so he tried everything to intimidate me into Checkmate.Tal's happy hunting ground.The great thing about this bowl is that after you look at it for awhile and you want to puke you got a pricey bowl to catch your barf in.This is called.How could it get much better.BUT HEY, THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY!

That gum keeping the key on looked more like Blu Tack rather than chewing gum - still not great haha.Can you also add problems related to picking up balls from box.He has an accent.It's ok to know some theory but it shouldn't be your focus.Is this only a 2 dimensional problem?I wanna say that I don't really know why this video is not in the recommendation list but I feel really lucky that I found his videos, other youtube videos will show only the line, not the conceptI recommend anyone who already watched this videotry to watch others of his videosI can say that this is the best Chess video ever in youtubehe gave me the concept how to play and how to against the opponentAnd that is exactly what I want, and I improve a lot after watch his videos.I was always wondering how you organize your code this helps to organize mine and helps a lot to understand OOP for beginners.Why are there no black or muslim chess masters, oh nevermind that's racist.Third coast is Houston Texas.

I think Aram2001rus is the 1 U18 Armanian player named Aram Hakobyan.Please tell me how much time will take in a microwave.Shot by iPhone 6s.Ben is the loudest swallower of liquids.I have won my opponent with this technique.And I don't think he can even if he does.Secretley, deeep down, you loved it !My thought is that the box variable is causing this issue.But his understanding of chess is terrible.On move 17, instead of promoting, why didn’t he take the bishop on f8?

But key is, did

But key is, did

35:52 21 move brilliancy!"I'll kill her" - John.Happy Thanksgiving!Czyszczenie paznokci podczas gry jest dla wszystkich obraliwe.I don't even play chess, but again I find myself on your channel, watching match after match.Can we get part 3Please?Thank GAWD for my electric miter saw.

Ness Rosenbrad

Lol they all gave Twork the 1st.


nice game

Professor Majyk

We need a t shirt saying nasty discoveries.

ukasz M.


Mayday's Custom Woodworks

Dude, great work. I'm a tough critic but you nailed it. Congrats on getting that job by the way. Always so awesome when someone will pay you to build something you would likely build for free just for the process lol

Saulo Silva

10:05huh? Nice vdeo anyway!

Prince Kumar


Paul Pichugin

Awesome collection of tools, thanks for making such great content... I'm wondering how your 4x4 drawers are holding up after a years worth of use?


4th friend walks into the room

Paul Cumber

That is cool

Miner Blue

Wow, what a dork.



anulfo lantigua

But why the knight is not above a horse


A true master of woodworking, thx

Kevin Tempel

I mean come on.. even if he swapped it out for the official piece it's not like there's any chance you're going to win with a couple pawns and a king against a king queen. The games already over! Plus you were holding the freaking piece!

Consuelo Corona

Fantastic class.!!

Davy Ker

God, he's ridiculously fast

The Algerian Tank

Endgames are the corp of chess... Who would spend time studying, sorry memorising, openings and traps instead?

Arkham Noir

escarchamex yeah that's Daniel King with Maurice Ashley

Aldo Martinez

Carlsen my brother said he can take u

Liquid modernity tastes like urine

show their reactions after your dumbass

Carlos demark M.K

Absolutely genius lecture!

Brian Fernandez

Traditional burrial consumeresources like wood, metal and stone5 seconds later suggests shooting corpses to space. Lol

Minato Namikaze

Lu belajar ngomong dlu dah ,, kyak org kumur2

Zain Rei

Ooohhhh. There's a planet called mErs.Peace brother

Succulent Lord

You should add a function on the piano roll that changes the hihat from quads to triplets etc. featurecreep

Jesse Lapides

What about if a circle goes around the origin?


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