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Lyrical: Pareshaan Song with Lyrics | Ishaqzaade | Arjun Kapoor | Parineeti Chopra | Kausar Munir

I find them handy in certain applications.That's why live music is so much more appreciated then over produced electronicly perfect plastic music, having tiny discrepancies between instruments that still keep a beat over a long time is what gives this machine soul.Can't get enough of that mugging.

             if numremcocos 0:.I honestly don't know any other game or hobby where people so zealously argue about hierarchy.Five people dead!So why should I trust this guy?But can it print a Dildo?

Kattikeyan: watch me!

Kattikeyan: watch me!

Would you say everything about ASA that you did about ABS?Apo ko na sidohn lakas sa chess pagdating sa bahay kuha yun phone laro ng chess dinayo na nga sya champion.Please do Kasparov videos.Println("Hello World") Why is all this needed?Really fun game to watch.Whats the difference between this method and the other method wer you add tge dry and wet ingrediwnt alternately?

That way I

That way I

"See how stupid that shit is" -Geechi Gotti 2019.I'll take the lot!Create some drama.Congrats on now being the most followed chess YouTuber.Hermoso trabajo y con mucha dedicacin gracias por compartir su buen trabajo saludos desde Per.1 year later and the subscribers increased to almost 500.Not cool guys my math teacher made me watch this and I didn’t like how casual the shirt was.pht 11:32 sao hu ko n tnh vy.Actually I felt zacli like that when I reached 18001900.If biscuit jointers are not good for joinery, and only alignment, then why did Frank Klausz, who unlike the internet experts and Norm Abrams, actually knows what he is doing, and can cut real joinery as fast as some guys can Domino.

I was taken away from

I was taken away from

8:19 paint those red and here u go tryphobia.Bait ng umampon.This makes me appropriate the record a hell of a lot more.If you put the same situation to a computer and it doesn't choose her moves it would seem very unlikely that she was cheating!5 or so after Na7, but up 3 if Nc7.I like your point of games are won in the middle and in the end game.Excellent stuff.Yes good to see.BTW anyone wanting a hardy hole can mill a suitable hole then file (files can move a lot of steel) to suit before welding the top plate.I don’t understand what happened with the knight (d4 to c3) at 12:40.

Reassembling that two puzzle: 24 hour

Reassembling that two puzzle: 24 hour

On the final pass did you change FS?I mean without swapping 62 and 64?Bobby Fischer's chess genius and ability would have no match!You're a good man.You two make a good team!The sounds remind me of "War Room" on the Colecovision.And therefor Android Studio?One lady came over and offered me 200.Pfft, I'll get stalemate or be checkmated trying!


wow hes a wierd guy but his teching style is stern and direct yet very knowledgable and still concerning of the kids....besides u puicking bad and good students ( which i just garnished from this video your probably a very good teacher


I live close to LaPorte....moves to jupiter


Alright I had a chance to stop the video at precisely 16:31 and its absurdly clear the line 1...Qxg5! 2.Qxg5 Ne4!! wins on the spot uncovering the check on the king winning the white queen thereby winning a whole piece. White can't take the bishop on a5 with the queen because the pawn on e5 is blocking it. I would classify this as a rare case of finding hidden treasure in chess analysis. This variation gets a whole chapter devoted to this line in the Experts vs The Sicilian book making this the only place this line is covered in any capacity as far as I know.




After 13....b5 14.Bxb5Bd7 15.Qxe5Kxf7 16.Qxg3 is possible


Envy: Hey guys our guest has to go. CTG: wait I got one more question Every interview

Andrew Vinci

you're right I'm sorry


71guitardude Thanks :)

The Aerospace Geek

Your borg node just looked like a penis. Hahaha

Asem Al-hakami

Your follower from Yemen I love what you do, though I can't always apply it in my games but watching you is such a pleasure


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