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Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap: Mansanas at Juice (Roy's Life Story)

My imal is marioeastwood1963gmail.He cannot stand for that duty loool fucking Seen it all now.Mad trash talking but there's no shame in losing to the GOAT!In last question 28:02.The paperclip challenge?And Totally Free.Beginning woodworker here.

Anyway, thanks for your post and your time.I'm glad they had the applause scene in Pawn Sacrifice, but it doesn't make up for them calling e4 the Sicilian Opening at the beginning of this game.Hikaru must be so happy Carlsen doesn't play on lag.Lou you're out of line for your impatiens, and anticipation of action." but you were able to keep some of it.

Keep doing these "strategic ideas.

Keep doing these "strategic ideas.

Looks better than new!Wow, what a dork.Should have mentioned Japan, 2 major defeats."But I wouldn't claim to be the expert, by any means" (25.Jediking12thats intersting i never rememberd that so the way he looks in movies 4,5,6,7 and 8 are all correct.32 isn't Qxg2 a move?Kill two turtles with one straw.Topalov's the man responsible for creating Kasparov's, Karpov's and Shirov's.So, to have that explanation next step is really a long time wish finally coming true!I wish they'd stop putting them in based off a 19 year old study that looked at 24 Roundabouts within the US saying they decrease accidents.

Great work,very very

Great work,very very

But sometimes it makes no matter.Absolutely smashing what a delight to watch.Mouth watering.How to make cream cheese at home.OMG Eugene's pictures are amazing.I farted in that room ten minutes before this.Mystic balancing between the worlds.

I was impressed will this build until you

I was impressed will this build until you

You are 3 hours late than usual suren today, I was waiting for your video all the time.Thank you so much from Israel!I have long been curious about all the self-help tips and all the DIY stuff and how it impacts daily life and time.What about making a small notch or v shape so that bottom braces are guided in?Why does Carlsen capture away from the centre when Knight takes on 6.

Justin Applehead

Carl wheezer

Rowdy Penguin

"Reclaimed Wall Map with Epoxy Resin River and Road Inlay slipped around all my roadblocks and penetrated directly into my strongest adult making memories, in which woodworking looked more real than other live-action features. Watching the video, I found myself caught up in a direct and joyous way. I wasn't reviewing a mere 'Youtube' film.' I was being told a story, I was hearing terrific music, and I was having fun. The film is as good as any Maker feature ever madeas magical as Pinocchio, Platoon, Bob Clagett, and, The Little Mermaid. And it's a reminder that good content making and good editing are the ideal mediums for fantasy, because all of its fears and dreams can be made literal."Great Job Paul!

Timothy Horrick

Worried about Firouzja... Anyone heard from or seen him since Iran downed Ukrainian airliner??


I laughed as soon as I saw the move.

Acno Logia

the point??


Thank you for your comment


I have been working wood for 30 years and I don’t think I knew about any of them except the center scribe.Well done!Nice footage and great editing.Wishing you well.You have a new subscriber!

Chris Simpson

Bone dead silent

Adriana Newsum

A different level of chess... Carlsen is like the Emporer (Star wars), and plays with great power and very subtly.... I am waiting for a Luke Skywalker... or perhaps a Princess Leia...

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