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Com has there chess set's better then the most I've seen so far lookIt up go to wholesalechess.Hi, i am GM Mario Sergovski, and i can say the kid playvery well.Why does it matter?Congratulations, it was too beautiful, one day I learn rsrs.Qc6 is the best move Ithink.

Instead of embracing their blackness and be civilized, nah, they wanna consider themselves colored and behave like their colonial masters.After rolling out the fondant to panel the side, it started falling off the rolling pin when attempting the sides and the fondant started to stretch which made the process worse.Can't capture f5 with king lol.Me(12) and my brother(8): watching harry potter.I’m so fuckn glad you didn’t have a song playing.

 Just a thought: maybe could be better if the game can be presented with blacks on the South of the window?Things certainly changed!I really love the look of it.Gracias maestro!The solution couldn't be simpler.Bg5 %clk 0:09:05 Be7 %clk 0:09:37 6.I mean, he wastes 30-40 seconds sometimes.I thought it's only me losing all the time, lol.

Put each chess player on a different ear

Put each chess player on a different ear

I swear I am not cut out for blitz.The king can move on step in any diriction.Then i somehow go from 900 to 880.Greetings from Tucuman-Argentina.We use FFTs in earthquake science too!When I'll be 80, I will start rereading the Harry Potter books to reminisce my childhoodadolescence grandchildren and I will be like: "After all this time?Anyways thank you for the tips.

The way that different cultures handle

The way that different cultures handle

That’s how Joe Kennedy died.I wonder if this is always the case.I can't handle the level of cuteness she has.What a powerful message and the music was incredible.Bobby Fischer is mocking modern chess in the after life after watching this game.How to get checkmate in two moves 1.You r wrong the answer is 1 minute not 5 because 5 mech 5 min 5 shirts which means,1mech 1min 1 shirt for each mech to produce a shirt it takes 1 min, considering 1 mech of 100s it is gonna take 1 minso any oneshirt of 100 ll be produced in 1 min and so will the 100 shirts as 100 machines will be working an itat same time.Wow I just love this!

Thanks for sharing!You're adding a positive value to a total an infinite number of times.Black queen to b3, threaten mate in 1, force queen or knight to move.Sir I am a man of over 60.In a single use world where the items last for ever, it would be cool to see some things that could be recycled and used forever.I have been looking all over the internet and can't find it!Hello chest lowers.I thought this video was going to be abt centimeters.Talk to us you did a very good work!

Vue is interesting

Vue is interesting

This guy is awesome!You can call it a game when everyone have a same winning chance.Unfortunately most kids don't want to even read chess books anymore, so system play has it's merits when first learning chess.Bxe5 so bad though.Your design is very well thought out and implemented.

Angel Nishat

What app did u used?


Really good video, thank you from France ! (And such a good choice of music, the video has a certain atmosphere thanks to it)

Joel Malaran

MatoJelic you are the best

Dragamer PlayZ

I don't get the check or French. Word

Pranav Sharma

At 9:28 d5 knight f6 waale pawn ko capture kr skta hai...or attack ko rok skta hai...

Jonathan Rodrigues

Faltou "Tmpero", sem baianinho, sem "Tmpero"

Farah Rehman

I cant belive kitchen with amna cheated tour recipie

Existent David

Cheaters are cowardly it is best to lose than cheating.


Moin So what they have recreated or restored with a lot of attention to detail is truly a masterpiece of the finest respect


It's like confetti, but it's bodies

Cosimo Kramarawicz

Over all other systems and formatsVHS was the best format. To hell with quality , price was the driving force.

Boyo Boyoboyo

They payoff at the end was worth watching 24 minutes for sure


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