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💛 Magikill and Spearton Vamp | STICK WAR LEGACY Huge Update 💛

Would you do it again?B-Rh2 W-Rf2 B-Qc2W-Ke1white has winning position.My guess is at 14:20, the kid will move this Q to g7.What's inside a robot.I have heard of Philips head screws that have deeper heads so that the drill won't slip as much, but I have never used them or really looked for them.I only understood capture capture.

Am I the only one who loves Zach with my whole heart lmao.Blessings from Oregon!Another beautiful game.Found in the streets of New York.I have to say, as a metal fabricator and CNC machinist, your videos are amazing.Stopped playing all but entirely as he went to u of louisiana.So table cloth ripping jump shots are legal in this game, hmm.And you can chisel the glue right of and clean up with a palm sander -.

It was simpler changing

It was simpler changing

Something you might want to think about in the future.Now the lathe runs, the milling will run in about 2 weeks and I have my team ready.Very nicely done!Fantastic work, thank you for sharing.I accidentally deleted it all can someone please copy paste it in the comments?" Yup that's a math question.Nice job on your project!

The position at 25:45 is not really to my taste (for black) but black can easily develop the Q to c7 the c8B to b7 and the f8B to e7 d6 c5 or b4 as desired.Just tell me your secret to having a a mattress sponcer, I use to think Tony hawk was cool for his pizza bite sponcer and captain Kirk was cool for his cheap hotel plug but you my friend take the win!Just talk to the person.It’s called double date.I hope we'll see more of her on Numberphile!

I used to be so hopefull

I used to be so hopefull

11:33 hey this is a stickfight ok?I know (or suspect) that Ben is joking, but does he know that it rains a lot more in, say, Rome than in London, and there is more precipitation in New York and other places in the US than in London.$70 is still expensive.Only concern I have is how well has the lighting lasted?plus- minusx multiply divide equal to.


Hikaru's speed is godlike. from




I always watch Ben Finegold videos at 2x, now if I put normal speed it seems like he is talking in slow motion. Truth hurts.

Pose ton Gun

4:05 what if pawn to c6 ? Wouldnt this be better for black?

Norbert Szab

Best explanation of this topic ever. Congrats and big thanks dude!

Innus world

Please Give away

Sharmila Sadik

Wow it's hard work but I salute you for great job

stewart mcnaughton

Bet this guy’s a riot after a night in the boozers

gijs lubbers

Frank: this dish is not that complicated Also frank: does everything complicated with a 25 dish

Teri Schiech

I love this club. They should be all over the world. You guys are great with the kids. Respect.

julie froman

hours to do this?

Alfred Murdock

Lmfao damn that was a good one


Hi John, are you sure you added enough nails ?:PI don't get the bondo...why add it if you covered it anyway ?

Assimilated lol

Magnus’s gameplay: existsJerry: Its free real estate


me, who's been plying for like 8 months lmaohah, noobsMe 8 months ago: this lmao

Rosianna Caccamo

Did anyone notice the blinds moving at around 20:50-20:58?

Dan Auri

every time i watch your videos, there always seems to be some audio missing. im not sure if its just me, but if it isn't, its something you should really focus on fixing.

Jake Animation Studios

Newt SCALEMANDER. Close engough.


Jerry’s channel and videos are great.However, I never watch any YouTube’s about Magnus I’m full of myself Carlsen.

Nghia quang thanh


gavrila petrisor

Hi Damian ! I think you must make a Deep Dive Kings Gambit! It will be great!!!

Le Cobra

Just try it twice, I won both games the first with the pawn e5 variation and the second time with te queen sacrifice. My intuition tells me it almost fail the second time tho as I played this a bit too quickly which I think was suspicious from white perspective, I would recommend to take a little time to make believe you're studying the opporunities you got and make it look like an honest and innocent queen sac!


For iteration N, duplicate iteration N-1, rotate it -90 degrees and attach it's end point to N-1's end point.Simple stuff.


I do animations and I really need a Apple Pencilcri


I reallyenjoy your video thanks

Mauro Man

its amazing dude.. Just one thing..I still thinkthe pieces are hard to differentiate..

Quinn Joel

My training of Hikaru's calculating skill is really beginning to pay dividends.


At 9:12 white do an blunder

Dark K1muza

But doing that in the reality it will take forever to checkmate your opponent unless your opponent isidiot going to the corner then it will be check mate


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