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MAGNUS CARLSEN...And This Is Why He is The Best!

Girly stuff: - You are so nice, so pretty, so smart, so strong.King of chess style.It's also a Breton game called Gwezboell (literally Tree of Knowledge).Thats not very good, kinda amateur and bulky.Morphy just do not respect anyone.Why black did not eat pawn at b3 with rook.There are 3-4 different kinds of birds searching the leaves.

This isn't very useful, it just snaps an object's position to a grid.What sofware do you use?Whites would have lost it:).Then this with that, we evolved from fish to chimpanzees and then to humans because Darwin's theory of evolution made him known for a completely wrong conclusion that has been proven not to be at all true as our DNA does not match chimpanzees at all.I suppose it would as long as you double it every time you place more paper on the stack.

Q2KV anna space lo watch

Q2KV anna space lo watch

I thought about f5 but I think that is not a forced checkmate because of.How can I play this game on PC or Mobile phone ?I made my pc at the golden time, December of 2019.Ganun talaga pag wala kapang silbi basura ka sa tingin nilq,.Then it becomes easy for whites to win the game.

this video deserves to be in trending 1:21.I have an old board that I made in high school that needs a new edge around it.With a screen showing the process of making I'm confident you would find many, many clients between nerds like me (guilty as charged) who like gaming and art!How did Stockfish not see b to h3?Please, I beg of you, rise above the silly comments, and kindly keep your channel online?Someone you can listen to who has the track record of decades of wins and losses is priceless when it comes to staying calm when the seas are churning with doubt and optimism.Beautiful hollowform, Andy!Good format of video and good filming though.

It is so much more pleasant to watch with your commentary Jerry!I watch your videos while i do my homework, im really smart.Holey Moley I thought the title was the view count for a quick second.You're a great teacher who respectfully plays against the lower level players.0:37 - 0:40 the rook jumps a pawnn.I wish he was my chemistry teacher my life would have been different Sachin India.It’s late at night maybe I’m not seeing things but I’m lost.

Mili filou

We have this as a game in the Newspaper. They have some numbers missing and you have to fill them in with logic. It's called Chessuku

Rami Magdi

in game 4, you sac'd the queen twice, you didn't have to do the 2nd sac ,the rule does not say she must accept the sac.


Very well done. Really like your shop and your many talents. Oh, yeah the shelf is nice, to say the least.

Margie Masih

I would have loved to visit the old parts of China and talk with the older ones.they are very wise people

Daymen Dean

I’m sorry but I think your teammates are selfish very and like to help right and you are going to win dis year!!!!!

Chinmay H

31:14 what just happened there

Caroline La Rochelle

Great episode John Oliver, but you're incorrectly calling the 2% number a "mortality rate," which might be why some people are confused. Your 2% number is actually an estimated "fatality rate"- how many people who get the disease go on to die. A mortality rate is different- how many people in the overall population die. So the mortality rate also depends on how the disease spreads. In other words, people who get SARS and MERS are more likely to die than people who get Covid-19 (because those diseases have higher fatality rates), but because Covid-19 is infecting a lot more people than those diseases, there are more total number of people dying (it will likely turn out to have a much higher mortality rate).

Radders in the wild

Magnus- not that I'm an expert or anything......Me, eh?

Rahat Jahan

Mukhael tal ka koi game aisa ho skta h jo maina na dekha hoChess ka dusra nam mikhael tal

Moheb Anwari

thats the best video i've seen in a long. Best 1 hour use of my time

Al V

Subscribe right the way.


He's really been struggling lately... Maybe he needs some time off.

Scrap wood City

Coo veneer work! We love that game in Greece! We actually play 5 different games on this board. Backgammon is one of them! Thanks for sharing!


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